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ep New Tech Noteworthy technology based on inventiveness, potential for the betterment of humankind, or quality of explanation. Just my $.02 worth. Need web software? https://epinova.com
Psych stuff to remember Stuff that I find interesting and might want to access for teaching or examples
Spek house wines A place to remember what's been tried and if it was good.
Required Listening Not necessarily the best jams of all time, but things that are worth listening to for the reasons stated.
RACEJustice Resist Advocate Connect Educate for Justice. Resources related to ethnicity and racialization, and social justice. Including things that explore the basis of race and racialization, ethnic and cultural experiences, historical or current racial privilege, or individual or community based anti-racist education, therapy, advocacy or ally development. If you are posting, please check the keyword "teaching tool" ONLY if you have actual experience teaching about these issues and want a membic for something you would actively use in your class.
AsAms Resisting Anti-Blackness Resources for understanding the specific nature of AsAm-Black relations in the context of White supremacy and focus on AsAms resisting anti-Blackness. Searchable by keywords:  Accomplices (calling in the AsAm community on how-to be an ally/accomplice), Solidarity (hx and examples), Relations (critical analysis of AsAm-Black relations in context of White supremacy), ActionOrgs (actions and organizations related to AsAm anti-Blackness), BLM2020 (specific relations to George Floyd murder and BLM uprising in 2020), Anti-Blackness (from AsAms to Blacks).  This list does not include general resources to learn about anti-Blackness more broadly (beyond AsAm-Black relations specifically).
Teaching Social Justice Pedagogy resources for teaching social justice. For related content and material see https://membic.org/racejustice
membic news Blog articles and other links related to using membic.
Not Boring Eats Food worth remembering from a trusted network. Interesting, multi-layered, different. Not the basic fare.
Not My Normal News and resources related RESISTANCE in 2017 and beyond. Although oppression has been many people's ongoing experience, it should never be normalized, and especially not as the damage and virulence is increasing in the current times. The focus here is on resistance, for inspiration, for hope, for modeling possibilities, for fostering action.
Thriving in grad school Resources for surviving and thriving in grad school. Keywords to search by: reading, writing, cv, thesis, dissertation, jobs, life balance
rreplay Music and news from the glitch jam band rreplay. https://rreplay.com
Basslines Songs with great basslines, for those studying or appreciating.
Fun things to do in Boston Things to do and places to go around town. Bonus points if free or low cost. Nothing better classified as food or drinks. This is for alternatives that get you out of the house if you live in the city.
Maui activities Things to do or check out on Maui. Just activities, not restaurants, bars or places to stay.
Kauai activities Things to check out on Kauai.
Waikiki Food Great value food, or food you just have to experience, within walking distance of Waikiki.
Things to see on Oahu Things to go see on Oahu. Not necessarily where the tourist buses are running.
Progressive Election Responses 2016 Analysis, outrage, intial mobilization and thoughts on activism, exploration of ally meaning and actions, examples of whitelash For more longterm RACEJustice archive, see: https://membic.org/racejustice
Psychology and Activism Resources for teaching about social justice, including necessary awareness, knowledge, and skills.
Asian American Perspectives Narratives, documentaries, stories, and other resources for teaching and learning about Asian American experiences in the United States.
Transdisciplinarity Research projects and other activities that require the synthesis of diverse perspectives across disciplines, domains, or practices.
Hawaii Big Island stuff to check out Favorite spots, great places to go, and things to do on the Big Island of Hawaii. Bonus points if free or inexpensive. No bars or restaurants please.
Nonprofit Boston Links to some Boston area non-profit organizations. This is for search, not favorites, so all membics here are 4 stars (no favorites and nobody is perfect).
Eric Parker Things I've found interesting.
Karen Suyemoto Posts related to social justice, activism, and education
theriex General worthwhile music links. For my stuff, go to http://theriex.com
membic The support account for membic site info.
sbdesign Graphic designer and illustrator in Boston. Follow our sketch blog at http://sburdesign.blogspot.com/
ephi Just tips for friends. Aloha!
AllGustatory Mostly #foodenthusiasm
eric Just testing...
egaliani you may not all suck.
Community Connector Links of interest
Deegee The fish is the last one to know that it swims in a pond.
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