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A resource list of scholarly and research articles focused on anti-racism and racism in psychology (as a science, discipline, and profession), psychiatry, counseling, social work, psychotherapy, & supervision).  From Ken Pope. 
A call out of the Chronicle of Higher Education's request to FoC to share experiences, with a great list of ways to undermine White supremacy in the academy through action rather than voyeurism
Constructive and destructive criticism, effective strategies, primarily in a university environment.
The need for open access to taxpayer funded research, Sci-Hub, the Public Library of Science, and Plan S. Why activists like Alexandra Elbakyan and Aaron Swartz, along with advocates like Stevan Harnad, Björn Brembs, Peter Suber and Michael Eisen are heroes.
A stellar article that considers defensiveness and White fragility in depth. Helps students understand the central role of ally development in activism.
Excellent overview of longitudinal research showing the effects of race on employment, education, and social class mobility. And protective factors. Disaggregates by gender and immigration.
24 Books That Teach About Social Justice. Picture to chapter books. Picture books are great for reading aloud in college, too!
teaching social justice: resources, blog, video interviews, etc. Strategies and content
A guide for selecting social justice books for all ages. Reviews with social justice criteria
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