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Possibly the grooviest wild basswork I've encountered in my life so far.
music Speak   100
Another completely off the chain track. The title track "Star People" from this album also has some of the best bass chording ever.
Great basslines don't have to be technically complex to be iconic.
video Tommy The Cat   100
This track kind of opened up a new musical area. Insane playing.
music YouTube   100
Just unbelievable. The perfection of this track almost overwhelmed the band.
If you think this is unimpressive, just wait until you find yourself humming it for the next decade.
music The Real Me   100
One of the most iconic rock bass examples to my memory.
Not possible to reproduce without a pick, but worth trying anyway even if you play standard.
What happens when a great bass player assembles a group of master musicians from around the world. Instructional.
I was transfixed by this for weeks when I first heard it, and it has stood the test of time. There are sound issues with this, but the official video is lame.