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Two of the most common uses of Membic explained.
article Why Membic?   60
Why describing what's memorable is so valuable.
How to article on the new search features.
article Rebuild and Refocus   60
What's been going on since November 2019. Much improved.
An overview of what themes are and when they are useful. Also covers membership and custom keywords.
article Feed Your Blog   70
Basic how-to info on getting info from your feed into your blog.
What you read is important. Add a reading page to your site to show what you think is worthwhile and why.
Some perspective and tips for using Facebook and other social media.
The case for maintaining an archive of memorable links from your reading.
Sometimes it helps to start from the perspective of organizing an existing list of resources.
Some basics on how to make a list of resources more compelling, easier to read, and easier to search.
article Mail-In Membics   90
Now you can make a membic by email, just send the link to your profile using the address me@membic.org
Making a reading list part of your website does a lot for your web presence.
Trying to get the word out on RSS and the need to communicate meaningfully in addition to socially.
One example of connecting a membic theme to social network management software.
When you need to build a link archive, this is the right tool for the job.
A more succinct statement why membics should be an important part of your online presence.
article Why Descriptions   90
An introduction to the fine art of describing a link that you share.
article Why Types   70
This is just an explanation of why there are membic types. Probably only interesting to people who freak out over taxonomy.
General notes on how and why of saving links so they are actually useful. For yourself and possibly others.
This finally puts a name to what it is we're all doing here. We're link sourcing. And it's cool.
article Trusted Collaboration   80
What trust means when it comes to collaboration, and why it's essential for collaborative memory.
Understanding the difference between a collaborative network and a social network.
membic.com launched! A conceptual overview...
  1. A link with a reason why it is memorable.