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Compelling personal testimony, perspective and call to action from a white professional basketball player.
A stellar article that considers defensiveness and White fragility in depth. Helps students understand the central role of ally development in activism.
Resistance to the single story or single vie of what it means to be Muslim in the U.S. Reflects the diversity of Muslims and offers some great initiatives
Good practical advice. "These backlashes against social justice scholarship and activism are a reminder of the pervasive nature of everyday white supremacy in our culture."
What Is an Inclusion Rider? Here’s an Explainer. A way to promote equity and access by using power to ensure change for others.
Excellent overview of longitudinal research showing the effects of race on employment, education, and social class mobility. And protective factors. Disaggregates by gender and immigration.
Offers three concrete ways to respond to oppression. The strategy of asking questions (rather than making statements to convince or argue) is one I have found especially effective.
Playing devil’s advocate in conversations about race is dangerous and counterproductive. Addresses issues related to how "equal" voice is not at all equitable.
Analysis of the attack on “liberal education.” Emphasizes erosion of diversity inititiatives aimed at equity, the co-opting of oppression and minority status, and the detrimental consequences of protecting hate and bigotry in the name of equality, “civility," and free speech.
Provides links to mental health resources for POC
Describes how inner work can help with liberation. Explores the intersection of mindfulness and social justice.
Why "taking a knee" is seen as so objectionable and the relation of prilviege to resistance (the good kind) and resistance (the bad kind).
Nobody knows how many hate crimes and bias incidents take place each year in the U.S. Help @DocumentHate track them, which is helpful for education and resistance.
The importance of remember, not covering up. Historical analysis and connections: "Justifying and erasing hundreds of years of white-on-black violence has left many Americans ill-equipped to make sense of racist violence today."
Research analysis of free speech "defense" and underlying bias and motivation. "People pull out free speech when they're defending racist speech, but not when they're defending simply aggressive, or negative speech." And about how language normalizes social attitudes: "norms for prejudice are becoming more tolerant of prejudice even beyond what Trump targeted. So the bad news is that it seems that all prejudices are becoming somewhat more acceptable as the course goes on."
24 Books That Teach About Social Justice. Picture to chapter books. Picture books are great for reading aloud in college, too!
teaching social justice: resources, blog, video interviews, etc. Strategies and content
Taking action--social media and advocacy with congress and the White House. With samples. #DACA
Concise and clear relation of specific current events to the need for a moral movement.
"You cannot have a little injustice and call it justice." Calling for actual accountability for racism and White privilege and supremacy. Now.
A South Asian activists writes about the personal impact of her activism work post 9/11. Provides important validation and support for activists from marginalized communities and highlights the need for community care.
Legally resisting the fight against ethnic studies Includes history of ethnic studies classes and evidence of their positive impact
Written by a Zen priest, the article explores how true dharma needs to address systemic sources of suffering, rather than solely individual ones. A proposal for a radical dharma that can guide people interested in or practicing Buddhism to incorporate social justice into their practice (a consideration often lacking in American Buddhist practices).
Anti-Nazi film from 1947. Major connections with current 2017 times. Addresses the central strategy of divide and conquer, centers the manipulation of information and the consequences of race. See also: https://amp.theguardian.com/world/2017/aug/14/dont-be-a-sucker-anti-nazi-film-charlottesville
A good distinction between diversity and inclusion versus and social justice and equity in higher education. How colleges are doing the former and why its not enough.
Worth understanding how this works, and an easily approachable description.
Brilliant approach to making stories heard and providing much needed perspective.
A focus on economic fairness while downplaying racial and gender disparity is not a unifying platform.
Revitalization, social challenges and rewards, more complex interactions.
Systemic bias in algorithms is more pervasive than many people notice or recognize.
A frequently overlooked example of Americans fighting fascism in the past, with some applicability today.
Police officer makes the right call to not take a life and loses his job.
General description, background and illustrative quotes from the march for science in DC.
Growing push to address the need to switch to a renewable energy basis. Actions nationally and locally.
Some personal experience and perspective on the Japanese internment.
Insights on LGBT folks in the military and what is required for leadership.
Well researched response to the resurgence of tired arguments trying to divide Asians and Blacks. Good point about avoiding responsibility for addressing racism.
Solid overview with lots of helpful background. Good starting point.
Comforting to see a significant turnout in support of science. Article has Links to videos showing turnout.
Description and perspective on the deep problems ignoring intersectionality in the ongoing attack on science and fact.
Some quotes from Michael Cox EPA resignation, and perspectives from those staying to continue to try serve the public good.
In the latest retaliation against faculty criticizing the school's anti-LGBT stance, the Gordon College president refuses to promote a professor despite unanimous promotion recommendation by the faculty senate. The entire faculty senate resigns.
Really helpful general overview of the legal immigration system covered in 5 minutes. If you're not familiar with it, this is worth your time.
Sydney University is using a MOOC to teach Indigenous history to a maximum possible audience. Content developed by Dr Gabrielle Russell-Mundine from the National Centre for Cultural Competency.
article Wall of Us   90
Four concrete acts of resistance delivered to your inbox each week. Great collection of defensive victories so far in the brick-by-brick section.
Resources for the resistance, conveniently broken out into Get Involved, Make A Plan, and Protect Yourself categories.
article News & Guts Media   80
News and commentary with integrity.
News and commentary with integrity.
A great series of interviews focused on resistance all in one place.
Private prisons are rewarded for locking people up. Now they are moving into slave labor.
Really great they finally acknowledged this, even if it was a long time coming. Harvard has an opportunity now to do something significant moving forward and we can hope they take it.
Great selection of testimonials from other transgender Americans supporting Gavin Grimm. The full AMICI CURIAE is available at http://www.transgenderlegal.org/media/uploads/doc_717.pdf
Take the day if you feel you can. Alternative actions and solidarity if not.
Some illuminating personal experience from the perspective of one transgender person.
The fight against the unnecessary and harmful pipeline(s) continues.
Although this doesn't address positionality, or self-care, it has some useful principles for supporting one's own action during challenging times.
Sheriff reassigns 10 deputies to more pressing work and saves taxpayers around $675,000/year.
Great imagery over an amazing speech. Absolutely worth two minutes of your time to watch and listen.
Great to see this level of international support for indigenous rights and the environment.
Great to see this being tracked on a dedicated site for reference access.
Great to see major philanthropic foundations stepping up to fill the holes being torn into the fabric of humanity. They shouldn't have to do this, but very glad that they are.
Accessible, personal description of how to be actively engaged, while also engaging in self-care and not getting burned out.
Some perspectives from some American women who wear hijab.
Day of Remembrance statement of solidarity describing the parallels that are becoming increasingly all too clear.
How administration policies can increase radicalization of Muslims.
Perspective on immigrants and the importance of showing up for demonstrations for those of us not at risk.
Then as now, many Americans don't seem to recognize the damage to their own ideals when acting on prejudice.
The amazing story of Fred Korematsu and others involved in the 1983 decision.
Inspirational message about how civic engagement works and what people are doing.
Great balance for the executive branch stream. See also: https://www.facebook.com/senatorelizabethwarren/?hc_ref=NEWSFEED&fref=nf
The latest historical step in fighting federal incursion in an area marked by a history of shameful actions.
One of the more inspiring actions winding its way through the legal system.
A practical guide for resisting the Trump agenda. Advice for political activism.
Rule that brokers should have a responsibility to their customers is upheld, but still under fire.
Legal challenge to capricious executive orders violating the President's obligation to "take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed".
Well balanced example of how political discourse and processes have changed.
Propaganda machine now targeting Musk to try squash green tech.
Haters are gaming the search engines and using ad targeting to track down to individual levels.
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