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This is some of the most amazing musical performance I've seen in quite a long time. Hiromi is incredible.
What some of us in the old school think about when the term "hipster" is used. If you're not familiar with this track, then you need to be. If you are, then you probably haven't heard in a while so here's a nice easy link.
video the Wikidrummer   100
This is a truly great exercise in hearing spacial reverb. Recommend watching it first, then listening to it again without looking at it. Really helps set my head when considering spacial presentation for one or more recordings.
What happens when a great bass player assembles a group of master musicians from around the world. Instructional.
Another track that has stood the test of time and worth revisiting periodically.
Sometimes it's easy to forget what this was all about. This is still amazing and still one of my all time favorite bass players.
One of the all time greatest tracks, and really shows off how jazz, funk, electronic, acoustic, improvisational and composed all hang out together.
music Satan A Dub   90
This bassline got stuck in my head for 3 days, now it's your turn.
Brilliant. Seems like when you construct to this extent, its like you mean every note that much more.
If you've not heard of Toshinori Kondo before, you may as well start here.
What happens when iconic punk rockers get middle aged? They still make really great music. Impressive.
music White Rhino Tea   80
Mentioned Ozric Tentacles as a reference point in conversation about a track and realized they are not necessarily a household name. Generally I'll avoid posting every obscure band I know, but if they are relevant as a genre/sound reference then it's fair game.
Alloy Orchestra show led to talk of Roger Miller, which brought up No Man and other bands, which reminded me of this all time fave.
Very glad to hear this again after all these years. One of the better versions.
Another classic punk band that can still pull it off live.