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article   60
Polysaccharide/biopolymer-based fiber food wrap provides an alternative to petroleum based plastic
A great introduction things that can go wrong in our semiconductor driven world due to particles, and how. Cosmic radiation is something to be aware of.
The demonstration of preconception changing perception is amazing.
Classic Miles from back in the day.
video FEED   60
A vid for the music that turns out to be one of the better visualizations of cyberspace since the original Tron.
Not at all sweet, a bit acidic, pairs very well with fatty meals (e.g. duck confit) but not a generally flexible wine.
Flexible and thoroughly enjoyable. Our current house Chianti
Initially slightly fruity but really well balanced from start through finish.
Noise cancelling speakers for open window work ok for low sounds but not as effective as I had hoped. Glad they tried it though.
article Finca Allende 2011 Rioja   100
Not sweet and not simple, one of the better riojas I've had outside of a restaurant. Mind the sediment.
Lighter initial taste, long finish. Very good but our local store wants $26 for a bottle which seems high.
article epinova consulting   60
Just testing
Innovative and delicious new Swedish mid plates. We split the Jordärtskocka and Spetskål with a glass of excellently paired Pinot, then the Hemmagjord korv and Lammrack with another excellently paired glass of Syrache. Would definitely go back.
Heard these guys were getting popular. With reason apparently.
Heard this on the radio and the sound really grabbed me.
yum sarmarestaurant   90
Eastern Mediterranean small plates, superb quality of ingredients, layered and unique flavors. Want to continue trying different things, but will probably have to order the squash blossom spanikopita and the mushroom manti again next time.
music Off The Hook   100
Hallo? Anyone listening?
music Pilaf   80
Actually maybe this is what we're more about. Could have happened anytime.
music Crater   100
The first track off our first album. In retrospect this still really shows a lot of what we're about, even now that we have cool mastering tools.
video Good Times   100
One of the most iconic basslines ever. The Defunkt version is also amazing.
This used to be one of the basslines people would ask if you could play when you were auditioning. Very sticky.
music An Ending (Ascent)   100
Captures the feeling of the moment incredibly well. Especially after all these years.
Very glad to hear this again after all these years. One of the better versions.
Women speaking out on domestic violence in Russia, and the professional troll army.
What happens when a great bass player assembles a group of master musicians from around the world. Instructional.
Good breakdown of some irresponsible journalism and how/why it happened.
x-files live. totally worth 6 minutes. Nice compilation of weirdness.
yum Welcome   100
Quail, sultan's delight, vegetarian tasting menu are all amazing.
Table next to us was two chefs talking food. All great. Would definitely go back. A small appetizer and a large appetizer was perfect for dinner.
Worth understanding how this works, and an easily approachable description.
Brilliant approach to making stories heard and providing much needed perspective.
Possibly the grooviest wild basswork I've encountered in my life so far.
I was transfixed by this for weeks when I first heard it, and it has stood the test of time. There are sound issues with this, but the official video is lame.
Great basslines don't have to be technically complex to be iconic.
video Tommy The Cat   100
This track kind of opened up a new musical area. Insane playing.
music YouTube   100
Just unbelievable. The perfection of this track almost overwhelmed the band.
If you think this is unimpressive, just wait until you find yourself humming it for the next decade.
music The Real Me   100
One of the most iconic rock bass examples to my memory.
Not possible to reproduce without a pick, but worth trying anyway even if you play standard.
yum   80
Totally acceptable pre-dinner and table wine.
Systemic bias in algorithms is more pervasive than many people notice or recognize.
Let's clean up this mess. We need biodegradable non-toxic plastic yesterday.
yum   100
Solid value classic Chianti.
yum   60
Good depth and well rounded but on the sweeter side and not a great value.
A much harsher take on some of the issues Tim Berners Lee has pointed out about the web. Worth the time to hear the perspective, even if it's hard to justify "stolen" when most people willingly disclose everything for very little reward.
Another weird denizen of the deep caught on camera by an ROV. Doesn't say how big it is, around 4 foot might be a reasonable guess.
article Global Fishing Watch   80
See where fish are being caught, help keep protected marine areas protected.
We have a recorded dolphin conversation. Would someone get on translating this already? Linguists? Cryptoanalysts? SETI?
These great folks brought a bunch of Zeros to the green exhibition at Boston city hall last weekend and offered test rides. The two person bike has plenty of power for two up riding, the suspension is awesome, and it is a blast to ride. Hopefully the next model will pay a bit more attention to the passenger, and perhaps folks with shorter inseams.
This is some of the most amazing musical performance I've seen in quite a long time. Hiromi is incredible.
This artifact is not impressive in the museum, but it's amazing when you learn the details of how it works. The Nova presentation is better than the BBC. The video is about 52 minutes total run time.
Amazing we can discover a new species of whale in modern times.
This is as close as you can possibly get to a humpback whale coming up for a big gulp.
movie Next   80
Philip K Dick. Reasonably well done. What you can do with a view of 2 minutes into your future.
This really is worth mentioning. It takes courage (and memory) to write this up, and it is inspirational for exactly the reasons he mentions.
Another track that has stood the test of time and worth revisiting periodically.
Humorous and vaguely accurate synopsis. Caution: Much language and physics humor.
Alloy Orchestra show led to talk of Roger Miller, which brought up No Man and other bands, which reminded me of this all time fave.
yum   80
Really good Sunday brunch option.
Brilliant. Seems like when you construct to this extent, its like you mean every note that much more.
Really good time lapse footage from the ISS. 2016 greatest hits with lightning and aurora.
Wind dancing. That's a thing, and this guy is really quite good at it. Hadn't seen this before...
If you've not heard of Toshinori Kondo before, you may as well start here.
Sometimes it's easy to forget what this was all about. This is still amazing and still one of my all time favorite bass players.
Another classic punk band that can still pull it off live.
What happens when iconic punk rockers get middle aged? They still make really great music. Impressive.
Yay! A new marine reserve. Another point of hope for the oceans.
Winning xmas light show of 2015 IMNSHO.
One of the all time greatest tracks, and really shows off how jazz, funk, electronic, acoustic, improvisational and composed all hang out together.
Somehow this melody got stuck in my head again. Personnel announcement in the beginning thankfully doesn't go on for too long. Great version.
yum   90
Extremely versatile and not tiring.
movie The Fifth Element   100
Hilarious action romp. The remastered edition improves the music a bit and spruces up the presentation. The additional feature on creating the aliens was kind of fun to see, but most of the interviews were just egos in action.
This was some really great background on what went down. It is always somewhat depressing to watch the mess that gets left as things fall apart, but this was actually surprisingly hopeful for me, mostly because of the character of some of people involved. Worth it.
music Satan A Dub   90
This bassline got stuck in my head for 3 days, now it's your turn.
No explanation as to what airport or what is happening, but cool nonetheless.
Fun idea, not really a fan of the shaky cam home movie documentary style. Writing is ok. Claymation.
The actors can't save this. Waaay too long. If you must watch, be sure to have all 3 disks at the ready. The logical intermission is just after the dragon dies, early on in disk2. Should have been two movies (max).
music Speak   100
Another completely off the chain track. The title track "Star People" from this album also has some of the best bass chording ever.
music Speak   100
The two notes tattooed on my leg came from here.
What some of us in the old school think about when the term "hipster" is used. If you're not familiar with this track, then you need to be. If you are, then you probably haven't heard in a while so here's a nice easy link.
movie Jupiter Ascending   70
Light plot, cool action effects, enjoyable sci-fi. Cinderella meets lost in space. Wachowskis.
music White Rhino Tea   80
Mentioned Ozric Tentacles as a reference point in conversation about a track and realized they are not necessarily a household name. Generally I'll avoid posting every obscure band I know, but if they are relevant as a genre/sound reference then it's fair game.
video the Wikidrummer   100
This is a truly great exercise in hearing spacial reverb. Recommend watching it first, then listening to it again without looking at it. Really helps set my head when considering spacial presentation for one or more recordings.
This is how it's done! Obviously have a clue about what you are doing before you go pull a full grown hammerhead shark out of the water, but this is really great to watch.
Entertaining mindless couch fodder with refreshingly minimal moralizing.
movie Push   40
Kind of a derivative mix of mutants, a motley crew pulling together to do pull off a heist, inception, and maybe other stuff. The only black person is the baddie. Nice Hong Kong scenery.
movie Persepolis   60
An informative and moderately engaging personal account of what it was like to grow up in Tehran and Paris. From the graphic novel.
An enjoyable and well executed action romp. Might even consider watching it again if happens to be on. Hooked on a feeling...
movie Despicable Me   50
Must watch to understand all these stuffed toys everywhere. Some definitely humorous parts, cute, and well done, but not really my style.
movie Captain America   60
Perfectly reasonable couch fodder.
movie Prince of Persia   70
Better than expected, and above average for videogame movies. Sometimes the cast of characters on the screen didn't seem very Persian, but pretty good couch fodder.
  1. A link with a reason why it is memorable.