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Solid stat heat pumps utilizing electrocaloric materials provide heating and cooling without the compressors and gases. Nature article paywalled.
100cm2 cell produces carbon monoxide and hydrogen (syngas) which can then be converted to diesel or kerosene (hopefully reasonably at scale). Powered from sunlight. Not sure how much available waterways, CO containment etc works but interesting.
Light can evaporate water without heat, potential for inexpensive desalinization.
Like a Copenhagen wheel for your older car. Smart conversion approach as a lifeline option for older cars.
Parkinson’s disease is often thought of as an illness of old age, when in fact it starts in midlife and can go undetected for decades.
Green Mountain Power in Vermont is updating it's power grid by putting batteries in homes . A solid path forward.
Inexpensive, sustainable, non-combustible grid battery storage.
Big potential e-waste reduction. Retooling process details not available yet.
Not easy, but massive reduction in toxicity and believably recyclable.
Efficient geothermal energy conversion
carbon black essentially self assembles into tiny wires for a super capacitor
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Letting water through nanopores creates a charge imbalance creating a low wattage battery.
article   80
One of the more interesting shapes I've ever heard of.
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An enzyme that efficiently consumed hydrogen to produce electricity.
extrachromosomal DNA allows cancer to hide outside tumors and return after treatment.
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Much of your home energy consumption occurs when you are home. Your electric car plus a smaller home battery could be a good combo.
article DensePose From WiFi   70
I keep forgetting WiFi signals can be used like cameras to track where you are in a room.
Alternative to pigment based color uses light refraction structures to reflect color. Does not absorb infrared.
Potential of ianocaloric cooling as a replacement for vapor compression I'm refrigerator an ac applications
Can run a turboprop engine on hydrogen but need 4x the fiel tank size.
Some possibility for curing effects of traumatic brain injury.
Using light to break ammonia into hydrogen gas and nitrogen. Smaller scale and lower impact.
simple works. including for energy storage.
New conductive materials create new device possibilities.
Not every day matrix multiplication is improved in computation efficiency
Anything natural that breaks down plastic is a welcome discovery
Laser powered AI pest control. This is just awesome.
Diesel replacement is very welcome and may help transition trucks.
Fast charging, inexpensive, sustainable battery technology suitable for home or small business. MIT research so unfortunately not likely to become something people can actually buy, but breakthrough nonetheless.
Checking citations via AI could help reduce misinformation or be used to create believable propaganda. Inevitable in any case.
A technique for breaking down PFAs. They still need to be extracted from drinking water, but this a good step forward
Pretty good US/EU mobile data privacy fro a carrier that allows you to avoid the tracking.
Any effort to make the US competitive in green energy manufacturing is a good thing.
while not the most attractive addition to a coastline, wave power is affordable and reliable.
Amazing there are places on the moon with very reasonable human habitation temperatures.
Forest trees are doing their part to reduce the increased carbon emissions by sucking down an additional tree ring's worth.
Automatic variable identification using AI pattern recognition suffers from the usual lack of explainability but is definitely an interesting angle for analysis of systems.
An enormous milestone the size of Rhode Island.
Viable jet-A fuel from solar and CO2 will require huge scaling but it works.
Misinformation is spread through a small but loud group of superspreaders.
Add your Tesla Powerwall battery to a virtual power producer. Help prop up the grid and earn money for it
Zap Energy has developed a non-tokamak approach with its Z-pinch technology. The company uses an electromagnetic field instead of the expensive magnetic coils and shielding materials. This, they say, pins the plasma inside a relatively small space and "pinches" it until it becomes hot and dense enough for the required reaction to take place. Short on details, but apparently demonstrable.
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Polysaccharide/biopolymer-based fiber food wrap provides an alternative to petroleum based plastic
Paper, glass and metal recycling works. Plastic recycling does not.
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Glioma cells release CXCR12, a cytokine that shields them against the immune system. AMD3100 is a small molecule inhibitor that breaks that shield, Delivery past blood brain barrier requires nanoparticles delivery.
Good stats and overview on incinerating waste in the U.S. and Europe.
Still early days for phage therapy but every step is important as antibiotic resistance continues to spread.
Thermophotovoltaics convert photons from a heat source into electricity. Solid state rather than turbines dealing caustic molten materials. Efficiency breakthroughs make for potentially lower cost grid energy storage.
Common waste plastic can be pyrolyzed with potassium acetate to create an industrial CO2 sorbet with advantages over existing materials.
Hydrogen fuel cell without platinum.
Polysaccharides from okra, fenugreek, and tamarind can be used to create flocculants to clear microplastics from water.
2cm long bacterium. Single cell organism visible without a microscope.
New method of creating monoclinic sulfur makes greener more powerful lithium batteries.
Summary is short on details but promising approach to removing CO2.
Guide a tiny metal sphere to a tumor site using an MRI machine, then heat it up to destroy the tumor
SARS-CoV-2 spike protein activates the envelope (ENV) protein encoded by HERV-W in blood cells, which is in turn directly responsible for many pathological features of the disease.
Extruded fiber battery could be formed into the shell for a device. Would be neat to see this go somewhere.
Superior to regular leather but still very pricy.
Cancer cells suck the power packs out of immune cells. Not observed before.
Decarbonozing diesel freight trains is definitely feasible and on the edge of being cheaper. Probably already is if you factor in the pollution effects
Breakthrough in ammonia based fuel cells. Direct electricity at room temperature without extra energy input.
The compelling case for using analog computing (networks of varistors) for AI neural nets.
Nanofiber gel mimics extracellular matrix allowing axons to regenerate after nerve damage.
First serious chunk of pulled from Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Nice work!
Combined gearbox, power delivery system, and main motor allow for a vastly improved power to weight ratio of 13 kg/kg as opposed to the current norm of 4 kw/kg, enabling electric boat and airplane applications.
Upcycling Lithium ion batteries is possible at industrial scale.
Natural light vertical farm needs less energy. Working at UK latitude.
Pilot synthetic jet fuel production. Numbers required to scale up are formidable, but it's a start.
This is going to help reduce the AC load. In development since the 1970 s.
Inally the tools to attack our plague viruses are becoming real.
Radical ocean windmill design. High power. Recyclable turbine blades.
Autonomous fully electric 100+ container ship for local cargo.
Fossil free steel is shipping now. Ramp up is ongoing.
Water extraction from air in temperatures up to 40 Celsius and humidity as low as 10-15%.
Significant improvement in desalination efficiency through improved membrane technology. Very handy given water shortages worldwide.
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If you are going to replace your AC unit, get a heat pump instead and get off fossil fuel heat for most weather. This is a viable transition path for buildings.
Much more effective and sensible to produce hydrogen peroxide on site to purify water
Iron air batteries for grid storage. Would feel better about this for home also bit not there yet.
A really elegant solution to a very bad problem. A huge hit against Dengue.
Gallium arsenide film powered by a small laser translates infrared light into visible spectrum. They should call these moonglasses.
Thinking of plastic as a new carbon resource can lead to upcycling opportunities in an otherwise languishing sector.
10 second recharge coin cells from non-exotic materials, but there is graphene involved so just hoping this will actually come to market.
Progress on rechargeable zinc batteries. Grid scale still years out, but looking possible.
Spaceplanes that can achieve orbit without rocket boosters, and NY to LA in less than 30 minutes. Flying on exploding hydrogen.
No magnets means no dependency on rare earth metals from limited sources, and more efficient to boot.
Repurposing waste wood sawdust via 3d printing.
Most effective malaria vaccine created so far. Like 77%. Huge improvement in world suffering.
Aluminum smelting that releases oxygen instead of huge quantities of CO2
Building out the network, then transferring it to cooperative ownership. Great work people!
20 tons of greenhouse gas per carat!
Seeing neuralink in action at this level is really astonishing in terms of how far it has come.
Scotland well on its way to achieving full renewable energy infrastructure
Plastic roads seem to be an excellent interim solution for difficult to recycle plastics while we change to recyclable packaging.
The weed terminator. Actually a pair: Tom scouts them and Dick zaps them.
Proof of concept for using bacteria to aggregate microplastics for recycling. More research needed but an elegant approach.
Like a switching power supply amplifier applied to electric motors. Brilliant and twice as efficient.
One possible way to control those AR glasses that will be available someday.
Much of quantum computing is still being developed but quantum annealing looks ready for primetime
Thin sliced wood, bleach with hydrogen peroxide and sunlight then infuse with epoxy. Interesting approach.
Rydberg atoms have one or more electrons pushed far away from their nucleus and are very sensitive to electric and magnetic fields. Army researchers have used these properties to create a sensor that can cover frequencies from 0 to 20GHz. Not field ready yet, but much needed technology.
Highly symbolic and high impact transition for some of the most iconic real estate on the planet.
Containerized vertical farming brings food production where it's needed. Potentially hyperlocal.
Another positive battery improvement. Heating the battery avoids uneven deposition of lithium on the anode so it avoids developing dangerous lithium spikes.
No, I'm not making this up. Adding capsaicin spices up perovskite solar cells.
Converting datacenters over to superconducting microprocessors would be about 80 times more efficient, even taking into account the cryogenic cooling overhead. Proof of concept using a 2.5GHz superconducting niobium chip operating at 4.2Kelvin.
Some amount of plastic in the ocean is trapped by seaweed and pushed out onto the shore. No percentage estimates given, but enough that it should be part of the accounting of total ocean plastic, and probably also should be part of the solution process considerations. Early days still, but good to see it being studied.
One big turbine beats multiple small turbines. Economies of scale. Imagine this will probably be easier for birds to deal with also but we'll see. It's all about the composite blades.
Lab demonstration of an alternative method for recycling CO2 into jet fuel. Unlike the Bergius process of hydrogenation, the Organic Combustion Method (OCM) involves heating carbon dioxide, citric acid, and hydrogen, to 350 degrees Celsius, with a catalyst made of iron, manganese, and potassium. The resulting fuel could be suitable for jet airplane engines, allowing for carbon neutral jet air travel, provided the fuel was created from carbon capture with energy from renewable sources.
Vertical local farming enables our growing human population to avoid exponential transportation stress and to tread lighter on our use of limited natural resources. A better way to enjoy the fresh food we all need.
Quantum chemistry breakthrough uses AI to calculate the ground state of the Schrodinger equation. But instead of training the AI to figure out everything from the data, they built in the physics rules, then trained the AI on the patterns of how electrons are located around the nuclei. Brilliant hybrid approach.
Best thing since cattle feed. Really need to get this out there asap.
Early days, but off the shelf components is notable.
Very close to exceeding 30% efficiency. Major milestone.
Great historical Sankey visualization of where we get energy from and what we use it for. The introduction of electricity and subsequent redistribution in 1882 starts the technology shift. Now that renewables are not only a climate necessity, but also less expensive than other sources, this helps illustrate the current priorities and opportunities.
Not really a unified field theory announcement, but interesting and makes some intuitive sense. Looking forward to further development, hopefully with at least one possibility of testing or predicting something new.
The hearing loss and general possibilities of fixing cognitive decline are exceptionally welcome.It's a long way from mice to humans but very promising.
Epic milestone, and heading for 200% to set up for green hydrogen.
One big chip from the entire silicon wafer. Obvious in retrospect. Brilliant.
Disinformation networks at work. How social media makes money.
Potentially very useful tool, and approach for containment or personal protection.
Solar wind video. Great ambient TV.
Protein folding has been a huge problem for decades so this is a major breakthrough. Remains to be seen if this training set will be adequate for application to prions and other cases, but enormous progress in any case.
article NativeLand.ca   100
 Find which native groups were the traditional custodians of the land you are on.
Impressive breakthrough for optical computer hardware.
Not much detail, but if it's anything like the double length electric buses in Malmö these are going to work great. Silver Line Boston needs to get with the program.
Clean, closed-loop combustion provides an alternative approach for many industrial processes. Way to go Swinkels Family Brewers!
memory sequencing cells have been known in rats, but now proven in humans also. Light overview.
Global Fishing Watch adds transshipment tracking to their overview portal. Accountability is key to sustainability.
Considering most high-rise buildings have a light coating on the windows already, getting energy out of that changes the carbon footprint of the building enormously. Can be manufactured in quantity, and can be inserted between layers of double insulated glass allowing for retrofit.
Not everyday the world gets something this complex delivered to it from the cold spots of the solar system. It's a carbonaceous chondrite, with molecules like amino acids, purines, and sugars. Amazing stuff
Using solar energy to power carbon dioxide transformation into ethanol beats getting it from hydrocarbons. This has a place.
Another foray into ocean energy. Hope this one gets traction. Light on details.
Get out into forests. Low risk and high benefit.
World's biggest? C'mon U.S., game on. Even if it's only part of Singapore.
The obvious transoceanic transport for your new clean car.
Clean bus rollout is gaining momentum. Let's get on board.
Alternative approach to containing a nuclear fusion reaction.
Those free returns? High carbon journey to the landfill. Need a re-use or donate law.
Super powerful x-ray research possibilities
Inserting a bio printer into a stomach to patch ulcers is definitely thinking outside the box. Interesting.
Bigger better faster more plastics breakdown. Keep up the great work.
Ketamine disassociation is a brain neuron firing rhythm.
Liquid hydrogen storage for long haul transport. Not much detail.
Nanowire electric cable bacteria are everywhere and quite amazing.
The liquid is prevented from falling down inside of a sealed container by vibrations. The bottom boats "float" by air pressure and displacement. Cool.
Article written by the creators, but apparently lithium sulfur batteries are like half the weight of lithium ion
Infecting mosquitoes with Wolbachia bacteria controls Dengue and potentially other diseases.
What a phone could do with a 5 meter radar in it.
Cancer screening needs to be part of the standard annual physical exam bloodwork.
Coupling a flow battery to a photovoltaic collector to create a unified energy device. Experimental, but allows for simpler infrastructure.
Plastics are broken down small enough to pass into cells. The problem is now amplified by an order of magnitude.
Hybrid photovoltaic.heat converter focuses infrared separately.
People have been in North America a really long time.
Clean local minimal impact sourced lithium is a big improvement.
Of course the magic binder is top secret but this is some great development in reducing construction emissions.
Safer, easier to produce lithium ion batteries may well find their place in home power storage.
Grid scale liquid air energy storage (LAES) plant being built. Compress air when electricity available,  save for up to a week and use it to drive a turbine to create electricity as needed.
video A Decade of Sun   90
A decade of sun pics makes from some amazing slow TV.
The surveillance state without the state. Possibly the best path forward,
Repair blocking medical equipment is expensive and dangerous.
Voting online is harder than banking online. Good overview of the main issues, layperson accessible.
Worth being aware of the biotic pump theory, but the amount of forest transpiration is remarkable.
Flying satellites 50km closer brings the resolution up to 50cm. Impresive imagery.
Inducing hibernation in mice and rats is a promising first step. Short on details.
The shape makes sense, but how to make many work together?
Layperson glimpse into developments using engineered ligands (protein messages to cells) to fight or block disease.
Phone embeddable memristor design for neuromorphic devices that can recognize objects
As a musician I'm finding this possibility inspirational.
Nitrogren has an allotrope that resembles black phosporous in structure. No industrial use. 1.4mil atmospheres and 4k Celsius.
Impressive carbon capture efficiency achievement.
Clearly it should be possible to train an AI to recognize a range of expressions from hate speech through dog whistles. Let's start there and work our way into privilege, microaggressions and silencing. Release early and release often.
SocMed now confirmed to majority bot, at least for covid19 info.
Independent bookstores get a chance of survival against the behemoth. How it's done.
Incorporating evaporative cooling into solar cells boosts efficiency by an average of 15%
One possible approach to jet flight without the use of fossil fuel. Not viable yet, but great to see some progress on this front.
This evidence is distressing in how common the potential cause is, but vitally important for developing ways to deal with it.
Early days, mice only, but hugely welcome progress towards possibly treating Alzheimer's.
Some explanation of what goes on in the highly automated test box.
Industrial scale biological breakdown of PET plastic for high quality recycling.
The concept of short lived super pollutants presents an achievable target in a way that can be easily understood.
It appears to be possible to adapt x-rays for use in elastography, which could lead to far higher resolution than MRI. Early days, but interesting.
Diagnosing disease by smell seems to be vastly underexplored, and this woman's olfactory sense is astonishing
Computer simulation shows breakdown of PFAs is possible and potentially cost feasible.
A universal radio receiver could have a lot of utility beyond military.
Far from perfect but way better than nothing which is what many people get
Probably won't last, but awesome move making blocked reporting available through a videogame.
Now malware writers also have to deal with defensive security. Serves them right.
Distributed food production and distributed energy production are both key parts of our sustainable future. This is a big step in the right direction.
In benefit to the world commons, all of the Smithsonian digital image archive is now CC0.
Another source of renewable energy, a thin film of protein nanowires generating electricity from atmospheric humidity.
Only works for U.S. based spam callers but great nonetheless and definitely a step in the right direction.
Good writeup of being on the receiving end of a phishing scam, suitable for less technical readers.
Some perspective on the development of immunotherapy to fight cancer.
Some details on how a super fast camera for mostly transparent things.
Grow your own bricks. Not an immediate solution to anything yet as it stands, but interesting.
Another level of baiting and directing the immune system to battle cancer.
Dense stable storage of hydrogen for fuel cell applications.
Cannabigerol (CBG) can kill off MRSA in mice. Early days, but any possibilities in the pipeline are good news.
Miniaturized particle accellerators more accessible for general research.
Asgard archaea and the possible origins of complex life on earth.
Pretty basic structure and function, but we have living robots now.
99% of ocean plastic is broken down so it is too small to see. Small enough to enter the bloodstream.
Long read about online murder markets. Law enforcement needs to get up to speed a bit it seems
A vaccine is a huge step towards putting this horrible disease away.
Some good perspective on children's learning and function within family and community.
Treating math like natural language has been alluded to by human computers, the approach works for neural nets. Whoa.
Really cool we can get these details from some kid's chewing gum after all these years.
Vastly improved technique for dealing with prostate cancer. Sound waves guided to destroy cancer cells.
Affordable homes 3d printed in around 24hrs. This could help a lot of people.
Earliest known storytelling cave painting now 44k years ago in Indonesia.
Great energy possibility leveraging saline differences in estuaries. Breakthrough in membrane manufacturing tech.
Ford motors continuing to innovate on re-use of materials. More of this kind of thing please.
We need to step up our recycling game. Both better separation and better tech to deal with it.
Yet another reason I'm extremely hesitant to do monetary transactions on android.
Vanadium dioxide is transparent below 30 degrees Celsius, then reflects infrared between 30 and 60, then it becomes conductive without transmitting heat. Interesting material.
Synthetic biologists make Escherichia coli live off CO2 through genetic engineering and directed evolution.
Sticking an ECG onto a Blue Whale is pretty impressive. Now we know their heart rate can go as low as two beats per minute on a deep dive.
By measuring distorted light backscatter in undersea fiber optic cables it is possible to find fault lines and detect seismic activity. Brilliant application, hoping this rolls out over the next few years.
Detecting cancer early from a simple blood test could save lives, avoid suffering and reduce medical care costs.
Solid state lithium battery technology. Reducing the fire risk would be a big step forward.
Biochar could be really useful for sequestering carbon as part of combating climate change.
Heliogen is using patented AI to better concentrate the mirrors of a solar furnace. Works great, now to get it in use at at scale.
New form of carbon discovered by Joel Therrien of the University of Massachusetts in Lowell on 4 November at the International Symposium on Clusters and Nanomaterials
This is how the gig economy could actually have a chance of working.
Lithium sulfur batteries might be able to bridge the power to weight ratio needed for wider adoption.
Xenotransplantation moves a step closer to reality with temporary skin grafts.
Landfills responsible for 41% of methane emissions in California. Manure management 26%, oil and gas operations 26%.
Capturing solar energy as heat would help reduce impact of heating for older buildings. Seems like a worthwhile angle to explore, we need all the tools we can get.
Capturing trash before it enters the ocean by redirecting it using bubbles.
Perhaps observing superconductivity in magic-angle twisted bilayer graphene will finally be enough to kickstart more widespread use of the material.
BBC international news now available via TOR. Nice!
The quantum supremacy milestone evaluated and contextualized.
article Invisibility cloak   60
Apparently Ghost In The Shell style thermoptic camouflage is close to reality. Need to see some of this IRL.
HireVue is a bullshit license to discriminate.
At risk for Alzheimer's? Consider hitting the clubs and some choice concerts.
Equifax credit dispute portal? User admin, password admin.
Google funding climate change denial and anti-environmental action.
β-Bi2Pd naturally exists in a quantum state making it the logical building block for computing.
How millions of identities were hijacked to scrap net neutrality.
Open loop scrubbers should be illegal on cruise ships. Discharge needs to be regulated to protect food supply and water access.
Just kind of neat to see something growing off planet.
A privacy-respecting security-oriented linux-based phone has actually shipped.
Hackable lightning cables, careful what you plug in.
A for-profit enterprise will always abuse its users, but the advantage of a public social net extends beyond avoiding problems to providing additional benefits.
Our election systems are still not secured.
A good tactic for a phone with more privacy. At least better visibility into what you are using.
article Adblock Radio   80
Finally someone is applying the logical tech to absurdly annoying audio ads.
AI deep learning on par with humans for medical image diagnosis without patient context.
Heads up if you get an email, apparently from someone you know, quoting an old conversation. Do not open the attachment.
The genetically modified mosquitoes were supposed to die. They didn't.
A Metal Organic Framework works like a crystalline sponge to trap other compounds. Can be used to pull water from air.
Any breakthrough on malaria is hugely welcome.
Apparently human voice communication is at a rate of 39.15 bits per second, regardless of language.
Reducing the toxicity and quantity of insecticide using targeted drone delivery is great. Now if we can take the next step of direct mechanical action without any pesticide at all that would be huge.
Brilliant new technique for repairing metal foams using an initial polymer coating as a marker and then electroplating. Having recently dealt with welding aluminum, I'm looking forward to better fab options.
New way of creating hydrogen peroxide from just water. Water does more than we knew.
Volumetric bioprinting becoming clinically useful. Shooting a laser into a spinning jar of hydrogel with stem cells in it.
article Maglev Heart   80
Centrifugal pump artificial heart with magnetically suspended impeller can simulate a pulse with variable speed. Currently in animal trials.
How 4 malformed net management packets took out the 911 system for over 20 hours.
Exact location info easily pronounced over the phone, robust typo protection. Smart.
Nerve cells in the epidermis wrapped by Schwann cells form an independent pain sensory mechanism.
Environmental stiffness linked to aging of stem cells.
Hunstable electric turbine makes some significant advances in motor tech. Here i was thinking all the advances would be in batteries..
When a penguin approaches my height and weight, it starts to get slightly unsettling.
Another indicator there are no places left on earth without plastic pollution.
Fairly speedy and durable. Kind of fun to see on action, no practical applications yet.
Feels like we might be starting to build some serious therapeutic potential of CRIPSR.
New record for the number of trees planted in one day: 350 million. More of these kinds of records please.
Near miss city killer asteroid previously unknown.
For those with even a passing interest in boolean math, the world is more well known and tidier. Hao Huang proves the sensitivity conjecture.
Not only are the voting machines insecure, they are on the internet in swing states.
This is odd enough to almost be worth the clickbait, but waiting for an application
Possible mechanism for early protocell formation from basic chemical elements.
All this heart disease could be due to a missing gene in humans.
Neural net chips aren't sitting still either.
A great example of how manufacturing can be re-localized.
Capturing heat (broadband infrared) at up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit and converting it to photons (solar panel food) is pretty groundbreaking.
This should be a game changer. Someone please get this into the market.
Solar panel and solar still in one device with good efficiency.
Promising approach using a common cold virus to attack bladder cancer.
Veillonella gut bacteria metabolizes lactic acid produced by exercise and converts it into propionate, a short chain fatty acid the body uses as fuel.Potential supplement for those in earlier training stages
Not every day you discover a new property of light. No direct applications yet.
Didn't realize a heartbeat was that distinctiive or long distance detectable.
Sounds vaguely related to vegemite but I'd be willing to try it.
Giant birds of the ice age. Amazing humans made it through this time at all...
Noninvasive and effective is brilliant, blasting cancer cells with lasers is just awesome.
Why the fan site Archive Of Our Own manual tag wrangling beats AI, top-down, and laissez faire approaches to information organization.
Promising path for converting type A blood to type O in an economically practical way.
The role of the NSA in the crippling of Baltimore services and other cyber attacks.
Margaret Hamilton and Ellen Fetter, the programmers of chaos working with Edward Lorenz. Fantastic this has finally been documented.
Mapping soil microbes related to different kinds of trees is an important step in starting to understand our ecosystem.
Applying anti-HIV antibody location tech to curing snakebite, new research starting.
Ultraviolet light activated adhesive hemostatic hydrogel possible new surgery tool
A hearing aid that can focus on the one voice out of several that you are trying to hear.
The security and privacy you would expect from Facebook.
Immune system membrane attack complexes making holes in a bacterial surface.
Molecular antidote found for box jelly stings. A skin cream within 15 minutes and your skin cells don't die. Heart attack still possible.
Stronger SIRT6 gene proteins increase lifespan due to better DNA breakage repair.
Really good explanation of the 737 Max root issues and causes, with all the background you need.
Smart solution design and engineering for infant jaundice on Peru.
Significant work on identifying vulnerabilities of various cancers.
You can make an old brain work like it was young again by synchronizing hemispheres using electrical stimulation. The effect lasts less than an hour and the long term impacts of the stimulation are unknown.
Guessing what thieves are most likely going to do with stolen info, then recommending what to do to mitigate that risk. Pathetic there is enough data to have patterns.
Finally some clue on why pyroclastic flow is so fast and far reaching.
Genetic marker for being able to dull pain opens up more possibilities to explore.
Bioprospecting on old druid grounds in Ireland leads to new potential antibiotic source.
Some very welcome forward progress on secure verifiable voting. Not there yet, but a promising start.
Humans brains react to subtle magnetic field changes. How much varies, and replication needed, but significant result.
More clue how neurons connect up and how control systems develop.
Directly joining glass and metal is an impressive materials breakthrough, but not applicable to most personal projects.
Sleep allows DNA repair mechanisms time to catch up. Might be why it's needed.
Get some non-REM deep sleep to help clear the gunk out of your brain.
Open airflow lightweight acoustic metamaterial that can block up to 94% of the sound passing through it. Breakthrough enabling technology.
The problem isn't so much technology as technology companies. Point for point parallel vid for the insipid IBM ad.
Stable synthetic augmentation of DNA up to 8 letters.
Track who is posting this crap, then take care of the victims, including these moderators.
article ScienceDirect   70
Skrillex mosquito repellent. No really, I couldn't have made this up if I tried.
article AI generated faces   80
Every time this page is refreshed it generates a new face. Can't even tell. Wow
Structured porous metal, in this case nickel plated plastic spheres.
Converting plastic waste into vehicle fuel would be a huge improvement.
Like image enhancement for genome sequencing. Oceania part of human evolution.
Reusable packaging is definitely part of the solution. Great to see some innovation on this front.
Brilliant new mechanism for insulin delivery. Brilliant means anything that seems fairly obvious but you would never have thought of before you heard about it.
Steven Pruitt, Wikipedia editor extraordinaire. Wow. Need to step up my game a bit.
Alzheimer's maybe caused by the same bacteria responsible for gum disease. Wow. Keep flossing folks.
Rice paddies may be going away, the system of rice intensification (SRI) is a better way to grow.
Not only does seismic testing deafen whales, it also kills all the zooplankton for over a kilometer.
Applying bioacoustic monitoring to rainforests should happen yesterday.
If cancer cells are changing, why not change them into something less harmful? Very smart.
Do not trust search results unless you generated the search directly yourself. Even then always have your brain engaged.
Important breakthrough in plant efficiency, but lots of questions. Are the plants less resilient? Why is the USDA patenting things? How is a massively domesticated crop like corn a baseline for what's reasonable?
Ill health from ultrasonic interference + audible noise from crickets seems quite plausible to me.
Really good summary of how long a year is and when/why it's relevant.
article The Follower Factory   80
Good background in influencing the social media herd through purchased followers.
Cautiously optimistic on GMO plants like this to help clean up air in hermetically sealed buildings.
Bacteria and archaea at least 5km down in earth core samples. Large biosphere discovery.
If you are in need of secure digital communications and not sure what to do, Outline looks recommendable.
Ionic wind driven model plane shows propulsion without any moving parts.
I would not have known there was any connection at all. Interesting.
Good defensive technology for the ongoing and upcoming water wars.
We know just enough about genetic hacking to be dangerous. Need to grow out of this phase quickly.
This should be standard on all sunglasses IMNSHO. And polarized.
Always call back, using the number on your card. You might have to wait, but it's less hassle in the end.
6 degree Celsius passive cooling in a paint-on coating material.
Zinc-air batteries are awesomely non-toxic and made from common materials.
Apparently we have melted so much arctic ice the planet is actually wobbling more.
Bridging spinal cord injuries through signal amplification.
Transparently thin spray on antennas and shielding opens possibilities.
Just say no to diesel, it's an option for trains now. Germany taking the lead on the rail front.
This is going to be difficult. Trust networks, penalties for representing fabrication as fact, AI detection?
Good explanation of an ugly bulk shipping problem pointing out how some tech could save lives.
Way to bulky but at least someone is innovating in the UI space.
Significant progress toward a cure for muscular dystrophy by editing out the mutated gene.
Automating reef control with robots. Some cautious optimism if this works.
Our election mechanism security issues don't need to be exaggerated, they need to be dealt with.
Putting cancer cells to sleep, an alternative strategy with proof of concept.
Our police forces deserve better. So does the public. Body cams need to be trustworthy.
Cheaper and easier Wi-Fi luggage scanning, not much how it stacks up in actual use but notable.
Momentum continuing to grow on electrification of ships.
Actual voting machine irregularities in Georgia appear to surpass Chicago during the mob years.
Facebook with bank account info, what could possibly go wrong?
Simple, practical advice if you need to make use of public Wi-Fi.
article Voting machine hacking   90
Just in case you were still harboring the fantasy that electronic voting was somehow secure. Hilarious if it weren't so awful.
Looking forward to pics and data from this one. An exciting mission.
Remote access software installed on election control machines. Significant election integrity questions.
Quantum technology in long range radar detection. Messy article raises more questions than answers but notable.
Wiping out invasive mosquito populations by releasing sterile males. Initial success.
More options for plastic re-use: paving binder and building tiles.
Solar/hydrogen hybrid electric boat. Big step from ultralight to container vessel but it's a start.
Signaling the immune system to attack can be used to fight bacteria in addition to cancer.
Yet another leak of your personal info. No socsec or credit card numbers but significant personal data like kids and interests.
Good overview of current plant based structural engineering approaches.
Non-creepy ad targeting is smart. Still waiting for non-creepy social.
The confidence map generated by the neural net from the wireless data is pretty amazing. Full article http://rfpose.csail.mit.edu/
Energy density improvements in nuclear batteries open the possibility of implants.
Successful test eradicating breast cancer using T-cell immunotherapy.
Massachusetts finally starting on wind energy and hopefully leading the nation on green jobs.
Electric buses are taking over. Good riddance!
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