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Do not trust search results unless you generated the search directly yourself. Even then always have your brain engaged.
Cautiously optimistic on GMO plants like this to help clean up air in hermetically sealed buildings.
If you are in need of secure digital communications and not sure what to do, Outline looks recommendable.
Good defensive technology for the ongoing and upcoming water wars.
This should be standard on all sunglasses IMNSHO. And polarized.
Simple, practical advice if you need to make use of public Wi-Fi.
article Voting machine hacking   90
Just in case you were still harboring the fantasy that electronic voting was somehow secure. Hilarious if it weren't so awful.
The confidence map generated by the neural net from the wireless data is pretty amazing. Full article http://rfpose.csail.mit.edu/
Successful test eradicating breast cancer using T-cell immunotherapy.
Massachusetts finally starting on wind energy and hopefully leading the nation on green jobs.
Hope for our plastic problem. And as with all great discoveries it was by accident. Also mutants from Japan but that's more movies...
Identifying the apoE4 risk factor gene and being able to neutralize it is a monumental breakthrough. The article is short on details but noteworthy.
Chem AI able to plan steps for molecular synthesis from single reactions data alone.
Amputee prosthetic kinesthetic sense through muscle vibration feedback. This is a huge step.
Rebuilding from macular degeneration with stem cells.
Good survey of the current state of scientific thought on origins of life on earth.
Twitter needs to step up their game and provide some real solutions. Tools like Imposter Buster have a place.
Some good analysis on how the general population was overwhelmed by bots in the net neutrality comments.
Fully past theoretical and looking towards energy market dominance. Impressive.
A brilliantly straightforward attack vector and the bottom line is security is not a design priority.
article Simple Photo Album   90
Make a website out of folders of pics, with comments. Only writes index files, leaves everything else alone.
Get ready for facial recognition v2.0 from neurological research.
Really good summary of how long a year is and when/why it's relevant.
article The Follower Factory   80
Good background in influencing the social media herd through purchased followers.
Ionic wind driven model plane shows propulsion without any moving parts.
I would not have known there was any connection at all. Interesting.
6 degree Celsius passive cooling in a paint-on coating material.
Zinc-air batteries are awesomely non-toxic and made from common materials.
Apparently we have melted so much arctic ice the planet is actually wobbling more.
Transparently thin spray on antennas and shielding opens possibilities.
Good explanation of an ugly bulk shipping problem pointing out how some tech could save lives.
Our election mechanism security issues don't need to be exaggerated, they need to be dealt with.
Putting cancer cells to sleep, an alternative strategy with proof of concept.
Momentum continuing to grow on electrification of ships.
Facebook with bank account info, what could possibly go wrong?
Looking forward to pics and data from this one. An exciting mission.
Remote access software installed on election control machines. Significant election integrity questions.
Quantum technology in long range radar detection. Messy article raises more questions than answers but notable.
Solar/hydrogen hybrid electric boat. Big step from ultralight to container vessel but it's a start.
Signaling the immune system to attack can be used to fight bacteria in addition to cancer.
Good overview of current plant based structural engineering approaches.
Electric buses are taking over. Good riddance!
The intercalated motif DNA structure has now been confirmed in nature, which means it's probably functional. Time to go meta on the double helix.
Unfortunately the question of whether you are an addict is frequently not an answered well by addicts.
E-citizenship is apparently a thing. And an interesting one at that.
Quick overview summary of recent antibiotic resistance research findings with some small hope.
If you are going to build an electronic brain, something like this memtransistor would be the basic building block.
U.S. citizens owe a debt of gratitude to Dutch intelligence, Russian interference in our elections could have been a lot worse.
Good info on dead zone processes including a helpful illustrative map.
Another plus for batteries on the grid: instant failover recovery.
Bipedal robots are not easy. This is a pretty amazing achievement.
Way to go Detroit! Building out your own networks when others won't.
Hey, does that rat seem unusually smart to you? Depends which human I suppose.
How to crash a navy warship - multiple levels of failure. System design matters.
The sidenote on pulsars provided an explanation I had forgotten I was waiting for. Nice when that happens.
A promising newly refined approach to battling acute myeloid leukemia.
Establishing a base on the moon is the first step towards expanding off the planet.
Impressive new HIV prevention breakthrough combining super antibodies.
We're going to need something like this to tackle our plastic problem, but early days yet.
Hard to imagine writing down a bunch of trig tables and not using the info, but time will tell.
Detail article illustrating data concentration process from federal intelligence agencies and into law enforcement. Network effects, lock-in, codification of prejudice and other issues
Free floating wind turbines being deployed. Price dropping below nuclear energy.
Less expensive than I thought, especially discrediting journalists.
Important breakthrough in plant efficiency, but lots of questions. Are the plants less resilient? Why is the USDA patenting things? How is a massively domesticated crop like corn a baseline for what's reasonable?
Ill health from ultrasonic interference + audible noise from crickets seems quite plausible to me.
Bacteria and archaea at least 5km down in earth core samples. Large biosphere discovery.
We know just enough about genetic hacking to be dangerous. Need to grow out of this phase quickly.
Always call back, using the number on your card. You might have to wait, but it's less hassle in the end.
Bridging spinal cord injuries through signal amplification.
Just say no to diesel, it's an option for trains now. Germany taking the lead on the rail front.
This is going to be difficult. Trust networks, penalties for representing fabrication as fact, AI detection?
Way to bulky but at least someone is innovating in the UI space.
Significant progress toward a cure for muscular dystrophy by editing out the mutated gene.
Automating reef control with robots. Some cautious optimism if this works.
Our police forces deserve better. So does the public. Body cams need to be trustworthy.
Actual voting machine irregularities in Georgia appear to surpass Chicago during the mob years.
Wiping out invasive mosquito populations by releasing sterile males. Initial success.
More options for plastic re-use: paving binder and building tiles.
Yet another leak of your personal info. No socsec or credit card numbers but significant personal data like kids and interests.
Non-creepy ad targeting is smart. Still waiting for non-creepy social.
Energy density improvements in nuclear batteries open the possibility of implants.
Light overview of the case for climate change attribution. A long shot but increasingly possible.
Your brain doesn't make new neurons. Yes it does! No, it doesn't.
Metal-organic frameworks can be used to mimic filters, desalinating seawater or extracting metals from it.
Using machine learning to recognize microexpressions. Applications include interrogation and security checkpoints. What to make of this indeed.
Google continues to favor propaganda over reliable information.
Intercepting messenger molecule to prevent creation of a corrupted protein.
Attentional context shifts have small gaps of unconsciousness with them.
At a minimum, independent testing of forensic technology must not be financially prohibitive. Worth being aware of..
Social media is a tool for repression, No alternatives given,
Light article but important framing points related to geoengineering to deal with climate change.
Good layperson explanation of how that new area was found inside the Giza pyramid.
As an added bonus, baking soda is also more environmentally friendly.
article ADINT   70
If you use apps with location targeted ads, pretty much anyone can track your movements by serving location targeted ads to you from different places.
Some very smart detection finally finds a whole lot of matter in the universe that wasn't being found before.
Good introduction to RSS for those who have never heard of it or why use it.
Good summary of the current state of gene editing: can cut but not paste
Cheaper and easier Wi-Fi luggage scanning, not much how it stacks up in actual use but notable.
Spleens appear to be underrated, especially w/r/t dive response.
Nuclear drones. What could possibly go wrong? Thorium is an interesting angle though.