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The road to get here is great. The hike itself is muddy and crowded. The falls pool is relatively small and may include sweaty people, minor trash and leptospirosis. The Ko'olau views on the way are quite good.
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Nice view from the top. Very much a stairmaster hike. Wear shoes that fit your feet well or the way down will leave you with bad friction blisters. Bring water and wear sunscreen. A bit dusty. Worth doing at least once, some people really like it and make it a regular thing.
Fantastic view over Waikiki and over towards Koko Head. A solid walk but not challenging. First third is paved sidewalk, followed by well maintained hewn rock trail with handrails and fencing, followed by stairs. Expect to be walking at someone else's pace as it is relatively crowded. Coolest in the afternoon as the shadows work in your favor for most of the trail. Late morning, noon, and early afternoon can get fairly hot although it can also be less crowded. Bring water. You can fill/refill your bottle at the start of the trail. The walk from the bus stop adds a little bit, but no biggie.
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This is a non-strenuous hike through some beautiful rainforest and bamboo forest up to a pretty nice waterfall cascading down against a rock cliff. Expect lots of people on the trail, which can also be muddy and slippery. If you park in the lot at the beginning of the trail, you are paying the restaurant. Not sure if any of that actually goes through to help the park. Oahu is not known for waterfalls, so this is probably only worth it if you are not visiting other islands. Insect repellant is not absolutely required, but it is recommendable.
This is an amazing collection of things from Hawai'i and Oceania in general. The only drawback is that back story and contextualization is not particularly consistent, and frequently not there at all. Some incredible things, beautifully presented. The man made lava exhibit is ok. Basically they melt some rock in a metal smelter, then pour some out onto a metal spill ramp, making a type of lava glass. The feather adornments border on incomprehensible. Left me really feeling for the birds. One upside is a couple of sailing canoe models that look like they might actually work pretty well.
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Nowhere is the overthrow of the monarchy and takeover by the United States more clearly illustrated. Restoration and recovery of items continues, but the major restoration is finished and it is now open to the public. Absolutely worth going.
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