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yum   90
Good with food or on its own. WF
yum   100
Solid value classic Chianti.
yum   90
Dry, not too heavy, good with food or not
yum   90
2010. Good meat wine. Good with heartier but not spicy foods.
yum   50
Good pizza wine unless you react to it
yum   70
Solid flexible red table wine
yum   30
yum   90
Rioja but better. Tried this at estragon. Excellent with tapas, smooth.
yum   90
St. Emilion grand cru 2013. Versatile red.
yum   40
Thin, sweet, musky.
yum   50
A little too sweet, meh...
yum   90
Good, robust, stands up to heavy but not soucy meal. Trader Joe's
yum   80
Italian, Chianti like but smoither and less robust. Doesnt quite stand up to a spucy red pasta sauce but quite good. Trader Joe's
yum   20
Headache. ouch.
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