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  1. provides direct streamlined models for how to critically examine literature to determine the central arguments, key concepts, and implications. Definitely work $3.
  2. Basic advice for crafting effective emails to profs. Emphasizes perspective taking and why do some things and NOT others. See also: https://www.insidehighered.com/views/2015/04/16/advice-students-so-they-dont-sound-silly-emails-essay
  3. Research showing that taking notes by hand encourages actually processing info and leads to increased learning and retention especially for conceptual learning
  4. Strategies for reading in grad school, to get the gist quickly and prioritize the reading.
  5. "Finally, write your own list. Don’t just copy this down. Edit it. Disagree with it. Improve it. Print it up. Put it on the fridge. Argue about it. The point of any such list isn’t to give you a pathway; it is to help you find your own."