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movie Green Lantern   10
Dreadful acting. Loathsome screenwriting.pompous. self-important. Tried to think campy but couldn't get there.
movie s.o.b   71
fab movie within a movie. Julie Andrews = superb tits.
One of my two fave Bogeys, and the one he met Bacall on. Watch for: "Whatcha tryin' to do, guess her weight?" if nothing else...
God Awful. I watched this having noted Del Toro's involvement, but it doesn't work on any level (unless your brain is already cottage cheese.) I am trying to get my mouse to come as close to 0 stars as possible.
movie The Drowning Pool   86
#2 Paul Newman Movie based on Ross MacDonald's fantabulous "Archer" series, which Newman changed to "Harper" - so it could begin with an 'H.' Not for the faint-hearted, a film with an exceedingly dark soul.
movie Casablanca   65
Seriously,do you need me to review this? Having said that,not in my top three Bogey movies.
movie Machete Kills   60
Babes & decapitations abound; Rodriguez winks and reminds us it's a parody every 30 seconds. But, you know, hot chicks & blood - tried and true.
other   70
The only things I hate about this thing are: 1. It is built to prod you into buying useless crap all day long. 2. Eric Schmidt clearly hates the idea of 'privacy' (or, as my aunt says: "Germans are peculiar. It takes a strange brain to start two world wars.") I digress. Overall, the unit is excellent, coffee-proof, responsive; it does leave you to search for certain things: a file manager needed dowloading, as did a camera launching app. I still haven't found a way to log into the machines in my workgroup, and the USB interface driver install was not obvious (the Google one failed, only the ASUS one worked.) I am most impressed with voice recognition, which gets 5 stars; despite my English accent, I could only stump it with "Herbert Karel Angelo Kuchacevic ze Schluderpaceru." Wolfgang Pauli did just fine. Update: for business users, a feature that seems insignificant, but, at least for what I'm doing is crucial. This machine will NEVER mistake a click (of, say, a radio button in a group) for a scroll (of, say, a list.) For applications that involve repetitive work, this is a godsend.
other   100
Unlike Sonys and other modern studio headphones that have been bass-biased intentionally, the 270s are the Yamaha NS-10s of headphones: midrangey and incredibly unforgiving. If it sounds good through these & NS-10s, you're close to done.
Unwatchable past 10 minutes. Stone all involved in this steaming pile of diahorrea, whose $90m budget should have fed a small african country for a year or more.
music Phenomenon   80
This is their third record, and I don't like all of it, but what I like I love. They were still learning to record (a process they perfected on 'Lights Out'), as evidenced by the mushy "Rock Bottom' (which is nonetheless great) to the clear and separated 'Queen of the Deep' (still a bit midrangey). Listen to 'Too Young to Know' and 'Lipstick Traces' along the way. The latter manages to stay charming through a hundred cliches. One of the things I appreciate about Phil Mogg is his ability to write lyrics for grown ups; this side of him has remained largely unnoticed. Notice too Schenker's solo on 'Queen' - very sophisticated construction for an 18-year old.
music Love Love   100
Pleeeeze listen to and buy this record.
music Agharta   100
One of the greatest records of all time. The end.
music Real Life   100
Bought it in 1978. Still fresh. Screw the Buzzcocks.
movie Wild Target   70
A fun way to spend 90 minutes.
movie Love Actually   100
What people seem to misunderstand about this film is that it is a fantasy, defined by: "What would London look like if English people expressed their feelings?" Seen through this lens, like any good scientist, Richard Curtis sets up a control group, namely the Rickman/Thompson subplot, English people who behave like English people and get trounced for it. Emma Thompson, who, early in the film, dismisses Liam Neeson with: "nobody's going to shag you if you cry all the time." gets a particularly nasty comeuppance and dessicates by the end.
Once again, moronic TV Execs may have cancelled something great.
activity   90
fab constantly shifting 10-piece band. sorry for the rest of you that it won't happen again.
movie Blacula   60
Fun camp. kinda loses it at the end - when i'm guessing they ran out of $, and, by the way, the $ 500k budget estimate on line is ridiculously high - but it's worth a quick ride. McGee & Nicholas are smokin' hot, and parts of the script, unfortunately, display better writing skills than the contemporary 'serious' community.
Another film on the wrong end of much vitriol (mostly from the PC crowd.) I had lots of fun in a very quirky theatre in Echo Park/Silver Lake. Another case of extended climax, but I forgave them easily.
movie Ready To Wear   60
Much-maligned Altman. I enjoyed it. You decide.
movie Solomon Kane   10
movie Olympus Has Fallen   10
The English language, 550,000 words strong, can never adequately express the incandescent rage I felt having to sit through this putrid stool sample. They should have given me the $ 100m+ budget; I'd have had a nice life and found creative, exciting ways to spend it.
movie 2 Guns [HD]   60
Nice tribute to "Charley Varrick." Definitely intentional - but light & funny, where the ancestor was dark & raw. Climax is too long (seems to be a common disease these days), but still worth it.
movie Parker   60
Finally, a decent Jennifer Lopez movie. As long as you're not expecting Ingemar Bergman, you'll be OK.
movie The Numbers Station   90
How to make great entertainment in 3 easy steps: 1. Write a good script 2. Don't overact 3. Keep it simple
His last Sci-Fi. I already miss him. Fantastic novel, mildly anti-climactic given the complexity of the setup (this has always been his problem), but the denoument matters much less than one might imagine - the ride is spectacular.
Fab non-Archer one-off. The man's command of the English language is both inspiring and understated.
book The High Window   70
My First Chandler. Very good, but I still prefer Ross MacDonald and Dashiel Hammett.
movie The East   20
Coluldn't sit through more than 15 minutes. When lefties try to be clever, they will get caught making pretentious tedium all too frequently.
book Lucky Jim   100
Maybe the very funniest comic novel.
movie North By Northwest   87
movie Harper   92
movie Unforgiven   94
movie Network   94
movie Get Carter   100
movie The MacKintosh Man   98
movie The Incredibles   100
movie To Catch a Thief   100
movie The Big Sleep   100
movie Sleuth   100
movie Charley Varrick   100
movie Serenity   100
movie Out of The Past   100
movie john carter   100
movie Your Highness   0
Impossible to sit through for more than 20 mins. for anything more evolved than a cat.
movie Paul   70
Seth Rogen is always annoying, but the film is christian-baiting fun.
movie Sabrina   72
movie The Italian Job   86
movie Dark Passage   77
movie Charade   72
movie Play Misty For Me   80
movie Easy A   74
movie Avatar   38
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