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Amazing restaurant by Santa Monica beach. Interesting and complex flavors for charcuterie boards and main dishes. One of the best.
A call out of the Chronicle of Higher Education's request to FoC to share experiences, with a great list of ways to undermine White supremacy in the academy through action rather than voyeurism
Good checklist about White faculty who "value diversity" but don't take action
Documents glass ceiling for AsAms, providing statistics in research in multiple professions including tech, law, banking, accounting, and generally.
Constructive and destructive criticism, effective strategies, primarily in a university environment.
A reaction to the law from a Palestinian member of Israel's parliament.
Reactions to the law, with links to background information.
article "Always on my mind"   60
A collection of photos and statements from older Palestinian refugees, together with signs of their names placed in their locations of origin, often within walking distance.
Provides a good overview of historical and contemporary context citing research.
Israeli racist laws and colonial policies represent the Israeli government and not the Jewish people.
The need for open access to taxpayer funded research, Sci-Hub, the Public Library of Science, and Plan S. Why activists like Alexandra Elbakyan and Aaron Swartz, along with advocates like Stevan Harnad, Björn Brembs, Peter Suber and Michael Eisen are heroes.
video Reverse Racism   80
Reverse racism de-mystified with historical and systemic context and meaning.
Boundaries, triggering, obligation, help, breathe, grounding, self-care.
Several suggestions, including a shift from access to abortion towards a movement for bodily autonomy.
Target the opportunity. Put the most important and relevant things first.
Really clear explanation as to why round-robin pronoun introductions are not a good idea.
Some clear perspective on a few common types of statements regarding mentally ill folks and psychiatry.
Rare persepective on Israel from someone who lived through all of the history.
Compelling personal testimony, perspective and call to action from a white professional basketball player.
Apparently a large percentage of the population perceives attention to problematic racial terms as a display of cultural superiority rather than a concern for social justice.
Sweden is choosing between immigration as an investment in resources or a separatist hierarchical model. The first is high cost, the second could unravel the country.
Debunks some common myths and describes a few types of publishable articles.
Tips for students to manage time and see more clearly what their time commitments actually are.
An example of therapy training social justice classes.
An example of teaching higher ed general social justice.
An example of teaching higher ed general social justice.
An example of research methods and social justice.
An example of research methods and social justice.
An example of research methods and social justice. Also see these related articles: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/sound-science-sound-policy/201510/nature-survival and https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/sound-science-sound-policy/201509/crossing-the-line
An example of psychotherapy counseling social justice.
An example of psychotherapy counseling social justice.
An example of organizational consulting for multicultural social justice.
An example of organizational consulting for multicultural social justice.
An example of organizational consulting for multicultural social justice.
An example of Community and Higher Ed social justice intervention.
An example of Community and Higher Ed social justice intervention.
An example of Community and Higher Ed social justice intervention.
An example of Community and Higher Ed social justice intervention.
An example of Community and Higher Ed social justice intervention.
An example of Community and Higher Ed social justice intervention.
An example of Community and Higher Ed social justice intervention.
An example of Community and Higher Ed social justice intervention.
An example of arts and social justice (community and psychology)
An example of arts and social justice (community and psychology)
An example of arts and social justice (community and psychology)
An example of arts and social justice (community and psychology)
An example of arts and social justice (community and psychology)
An example of arts and social justice (community and psychology)
An example of advocacy for social justice within psych orgs and academe.
An example of advocacy for social justice within psych orgs and academe.
An example of advocacy for social justice within psych orgs and academe.
An example of advocacy from psychology organizations and service providers to affect policy.
article Advocacy Required!   90
An example of advocacy from psychology organizations and service providers to affect policy.
An example of advocacy from psychology organizations and service providers to affect policy.
An example of advocacy from psychology organizations and service providers to affect policy.
Exploration of challenges of working across privilege, how we are shaped or caught by socialization in our own positionally to not see our own privilege.
Great article describing divide and conquer amongst racial minority groups. Can use as foundation of discussion of coalition building among PoC or interjectionally (e.g. with Finnerty, Srivistava, Sengupta).
An overview of where clinical and counseling psych are in relation to engaging SJ issues.
Challenges students to consider how being too focused on single oppressed identities may undermine social justice goals and necessary coalitions.
Discusses complexity of intersectionality. Encourages students to consider the pros and cons of having intersectional privilege.
An example of action from a privileged space.
A stellar article that considers defensiveness and White fragility in depth. Helps students understand the central role of ally development in activism.
Normalizes anger and helps students consider the relation of anger to action.
A great article on burnout that catalyzes discussion of how to engage AND how psychology might contribute by supporting the well being of activists.
A good article that helps students see that there is no perfect activism and consider what it means to be an activist vs to do activism.
Practical resource for social justice projects, particularly projects that are more movement based and aimed at addressing policy or creating more immediate concrete and identifiable changes that are controlled by particular people, groups, or orgs.
Stellar article calling for psychologists to move beyond remedial care to more actively engage SJ as systemic change.
Considers insider activism—activism working with the system to change the system, which helps students understand that working as a psychologist within psych is an insider stance.
An important article to challenge US students’ lack of knowledge about activism beyond the US, helps students realize that SJ activism needs to be directed from within to avoid paternalism.
Discusses different ways that emotion relates to SJ activism and movements. Provokes discussion on how psychologists’ particular training and skills related to working with emotions can contribute to activism and movements.
Discusses identity based movements. For psychologists, moves beyond identity as category and how groups form to consider the complexities of collective interests and advocacy.
Discusses SJ actions as lifestyle, integrated. Provokes discussion of how to engage in SJ actions on a more daily basis, and questions about what is effective activism and what is the goal for change.
Provides an overview of SJ as social movements. Psychologists rarely talk about SJ this way, but social movements are what others often mean when they say activism. A critical interdisciplinary grounding for psychologists.
A critical analysis of two organizational efforts of psych to engage SJ from an anti-capitalist lens. Raises good questions and critiques, pessimistically concluding “great expectations, failed aspirations.” Good for engaging students’ critical thinking about working for SJ within a mainstream org/area (such as psych).
article Wellness as Fairness   100
Central and stellar article addressing how psychological health is not possible without justice. Provides clear discussion of justice beyond resource allocation such as procedural and relational justice.
Good article for exploring connections of psych and SJ in practice, research, and as an agenda within the discipline - generally optimistic about connections.
Raises questions about whether counseling psych should be more tolerant of “moral diversity,” acknowledging that counseling psychologists may not agree on what is just, refraining from judging other professionals, and considering how values and motivations other than social justice might be central to counseling psych. Good article to explore the role of SJ in counseling psych.
Why won’t more people take action against wide spread injustice? Uses a review social psych research to explore how people understand social justice and why they might participate in injustice.
A really wonderful article that raises central questions for students about cultural impacts on meanings of social justice, and activism. “The purpose of this article is to introduce “walking in beauty,” an American Indian spiritual perspective related to social justice that emphasizes beauty, harmony, connectedness/unity of experience, and imagination. Walking in beauty includes 3 processes: embodiment, creativity, and appreciation of the sublime."
Provides a model of empowerment based on the individual’s goals and agency. Individual based but not paternalistic.
A good initial overview with basic definitions and approaches for activism directed at policy.
Syllabus for a project based course focused on teaching about social justice, including necessary awareness, knowledge, and skills. Uses a project-based approach.
Beautifully done dance video that captures the range of emotions and tensions, ending with a re-connection.
Reports on research showing that increases in tuition lead to decrease in diversity, especially for less competitive public universities.
Resistance to the single story or single vie of what it means to be Muslim in the U.S. Reflects the diversity of Muslims and offers some great initiatives
Excellent overview of longitudinal research showing the effects of race on employment, education, and social class mobility. And protective factors. Disaggregates by gender and immigration.
What Is an Inclusion Rider? Here’s an Explainer. A way to promote equity and access by using power to ensure change for others.
Good practical advice. "These backlashes against social justice scholarship and activism are a reminder of the pervasive nature of everyday white supremacy in our culture."
Digital Toolkit for Staff to Help Support Students’ Mental Health --wide range of issues and guidance for actually interacting with students. Pretty basic, rather than thorough or contextualized, but a really good beginning place.
A good but very basic introduction to why "positive" stereotypes aren't positive.
Students' response to the Parkland school shooting: protest, resist, challenge the system. Courageous. Also presents the normalization of school shootings and gun culture.
Offers three concrete ways to respond to oppression. The strategy of asking questions (rather than making statements to convince or argue) is one I have found especially effective.
Advice for psych doctoral students, particularly those more oriented toward being academics.
Some really good insight and advice for understanding grad school experience, how grad school is different than undergrad, and the need to understand yourself as a grad student as a developing expert.
Not much sympathy for the anxiety of the wealthy, but it is definitely true that excessive wealth is the problem. And its good to have an example of wealthy people trying to address the inequity from which they benefit (https://resourcegeneration.org/)
Higher education is under attack, and the approach of exploiting faculty and devaluing teaching is troubling. An alternative vision is possible.
A reminder that change is possible. And that relationships are a major influence on that change. Also that remorse is empty without future action to address the problem.
What if refugees were integrated and empowered? "All across Europe, oceans of housing lie empty"--why can't we find solutions?
Considers the ways that higher ed is being co-opted for “free speech” that advances a white supremacist agenda.
Thanksgiving—a myth, a day of mourning, a loss, a family connection. A possible reframe to focus on resiliency and survival and a day of truth?
Analysis of the attack on “liberal education.” Emphasizes erosion of diversity inititiatives aimed at equity, the co-opting of oppression and minority status, and the detrimental consequences of protecting hate and bigotry in the name of equality, “civility," and free speech.
Playing devil’s advocate in conversations about race is dangerous and counterproductive. Addresses issues related to how "equal" voice is not at all equitable.
Bias in mentoring and response from faculty. "Racial bias was most evident against Asian students, which surprised researchers…”. Depressing, not surprising. Good documentation of congtinued bias, bias which is often denied or overlooked.
Why "taking a knee" is seen as so objectionable and the relation of prilviege to resistance (the good kind) and resistance (the bad kind).
Nobody knows how many hate crimes and bias incidents take place each year in the U.S. Help @DocumentHate track them, which is helpful for education and resistance.
The importance of remember, not covering up. Historical analysis and connections: "Justifying and erasing hundreds of years of white-on-black violence has left many Americans ill-equipped to make sense of racist violence today."
Research analysis of free speech "defense" and underlying bias and motivation. "People pull out free speech when they're defending racist speech, but not when they're defending simply aggressive, or negative speech." And about how language normalizes social attitudes: "norms for prejudice are becoming more tolerant of prejudice even beyond what Trump targeted. So the bad news is that it seems that all prejudices are becoming somewhat more acceptable as the course goes on."
24 Books That Teach About Social Justice. Picture to chapter books. Picture books are great for reading aloud in college, too!
teaching social justice: resources, blog, video interviews, etc. Strategies and content
A guide for selecting social justice books for all ages. Reviews with social justice criteria
Taking action--social media and advocacy with congress and the White House. With samples. #DACA
Concise and clear relation of specific current events to the need for a moral movement.
"You cannot have a little injustice and call it justice." Calling for actual accountability for racism and White privilege and supremacy. Now.
Anti-Nazi film from 1947. Major connections with current 2017 times. Addresses the central strategy of divide and conquer, centers the manipulation of information and the consequences of race. See also: https://amp.theguardian.com/world/2017/aug/14/dont-be-a-sucker-anti-nazi-film-charlottesville
Sexual torture: American policing and the harassment of black men. "stop-and-frisks are brutal assertions of police dominance of the streets."
A good distinction between diversity and inclusion versus and social justice and equity in higher education. How colleges are doing the former and why its not enough.
A focus on economic fairness while downplaying racial and gender disparity is not a unifying platform.
Revitalization, social challenges and rewards, more complex interactions.
A frequently overlooked example of Americans fighting fascism in the past, with some applicability today.
Police officer makes the right call to not take a life and loses his job.
General description, background and illustrative quotes from the march for science in DC.
Growing push to address the need to switch to a renewable energy basis. Actions nationally and locally.
Some personal experience and perspective on the Japanese internment.
Insights on LGBT folks in the military and what is required for leadership.
Well researched response to the resurgence of tired arguments trying to divide Asians and Blacks. Good point about avoiding responsibility for addressing racism.
Solid overview with lots of helpful background. Good starting point.
Comforting to see a significant turnout in support of science. Article has Links to videos showing turnout.
Description and perspective on the deep problems ignoring intersectionality in the ongoing attack on science and fact.
Some quotes from Michael Cox EPA resignation, and perspectives from those staying to continue to try serve the public good.
In the latest retaliation against faculty criticizing the school's anti-LGBT stance, the Gordon College president refuses to promote a professor despite unanimous promotion recommendation by the faculty senate. The entire faculty senate resigns.
Really helpful general overview of the legal immigration system covered in 5 minutes. If you're not familiar with it, this is worth your time.
Sydney University is using a MOOC to teach Indigenous history to a maximum possible audience. Content developed by Dr Gabrielle Russell-Mundine from the National Centre for Cultural Competency.
article Wall of Us   90
Four concrete acts of resistance delivered to your inbox each week. Great collection of defensive victories so far in the brick-by-brick section.
Resources for the resistance, conveniently broken out into Get Involved, Make A Plan, and Protect Yourself categories.
article News & Guts Media   80
News and commentary with integrity.
News and commentary with integrity.
A great series of interviews focused on resistance all in one place.
Private prisons are rewarded for locking people up. Now they are moving into slave labor.
Really great they finally acknowledged this, even if it was a long time coming. Harvard has an opportunity now to do something significant moving forward and we can hope they take it.
Great selection of testimonials from other transgender Americans supporting Gavin Grimm. The full AMICI CURIAE is available at http://www.transgenderlegal.org/media/uploads/doc_717.pdf
Take the day if you feel you can. Alternative actions and solidarity if not.
Some illuminating personal experience from the perspective of one transgender person.
Some good points and framing perspective when working together in resistance.
The fight against the unnecessary and harmful pipeline(s) continues.
Sheriff reassigns 10 deputies to more pressing work and saves taxpayers around $675,000/year.
Great imagery over an amazing speech. Absolutely worth two minutes of your time to watch and listen.
Great to see this level of international support for indigenous rights and the environment.
Great to see this being tracked on a dedicated site for reference access.
Great to see major philanthropic foundations stepping up to fill the holes being torn into the fabric of humanity. They shouldn't have to do this, but very glad that they are.
Some perspectives from some American women who wear hijab.
Day of Remembrance statement of solidarity describing the parallels that are becoming increasingly all too clear.
How administration policies can increase radicalization of Muslims.
Perspective on immigrants and the importance of showing up for demonstrations for those of us not at risk.
Well stated points on hard science and racism, with some great background summaries.
Then as now, many Americans don't seem to recognize the damage to their own ideals when acting on prejudice.
The amazing story of Fred Korematsu and others involved in the 1983 decision.
Inspirational message about how civic engagement works and what people are doing.
Great balance for the executive branch stream. See also: https://www.facebook.com/senatorelizabethwarren/?hc_ref=NEWSFEED&fref=nf
The latest historical step in fighting federal incursion in an area marked by a history of shameful actions.
One of the more inspiring actions winding its way through the legal system.
Rule that brokers should have a responsibility to their customers is upheld, but still under fire.
Legal challenge to capricious executive orders violating the President's obligation to "take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed".
Well balanced example of how political discourse and processes have changed.
Validates distress of racism. Provides coping strategies.
Propaganda machine now targeting Musk to try squash green tech.
Haters are gaming the search engines and using ad targeting to track down to individual levels.
article The Case for Reparations   100
A good, detailed, fact based case for reparations as justice, demonstrating the multiple and cumulative losses of racism. And the history of the precedent. "It is as though we have run up a credit-card bill and, having pledged to charge no more, remain befuddled that the balance does not disappear. The effects of that balance, interest accruing daily, are all around us."
Good overview of research on implicit bias, how to overcome it, and implications for police violence and bias
Challenges the myth that rich countries support poor countries--actually tax havens mean that poor countries give more $ to rich countries than the reverse.
article The Narcissist   90
Extensive psychological profile with background details and anecdotes.
Some good points on how the media might provide more realistic headlines.
For black immigrants, things were already extremely difficult. Important to keep in mind.
Useful guide to everyday intervention for all people who are able to help.
If the U.S. delays action on climate change, and the rest of the world follows suit, then it's a problem.
"The problem is not with the science per se, but with the set of an underlying assumptions about race that we always imprint on the latest science."
article Becoming Ugly   80
Powerful essay on how sexism and rape culture are normalized and on anger and resistance.
Apparently some members of the alt-right think other members are delusional.
Historical precedent for reframing the election as not having to do with racism and xenophobia.
A practical guide for resisting the Trump agenda. Advice for political activism.
Background on the authors of “Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda,” activism manual.
"Many Americans seem far more interested in making sure that those they consider undeserving — basically, the poor — get nothing than in making sure that they themselves get something"
Helpful tips on presenting facts to people who have built up systems of belief that don't match.
A proposed immigration policy that would have blocked his own mother.
Perspective and hope from a black father. "This is who we are".
Generation gap vocabulary bridging and valuable comparative insights.
The intelligence community is not happy about being dismissed over facts it has stated.
Some examples of the transition process being messed up via Twitter.
"America’s public education system is a civic institution — the country’s most important, in fact — that can’t be run like a business without ensuring that some children will be winners and others will be losers, just like in business"
"We have an incredible opportunity in the wake of this election as LGBTQ people to lead by example"
Good summary overview of some environmental victories for the year. Hope.
Full details and analysis on the emoluments clause and it's applicability.
Trump could be impeached immediately on taking office, and that makes the dynamics interesting.
A couple of blatantly obvious cases of law enforcement and our justice system condoning racial violence.
Apparently media access is so limited we first heard about Trump's phone call with Putin via reports from the Kremlin.
The graphic novel format really manages to convey this scarily deeply.
One of the more comprehensive an thorough high level action plans.
"Finally, write your own list. Don’t just copy this down. Edit it. Disagree with it. Improve it. Print it up. Put it on the fridge. Argue about it. The point of any such list isn’t to give you a pathway; it is to help you find your own."
"According to the anti-commandeering doctrine, it’s unconstitutional for the federal government to impose “targeted, affirmative, coercive duties” upon state or local government officials"
Succinct and deeply uplifting. Mentions the internalization process and how communities are coming together now.
Using twitter to change nuclear policy is perhaps not the wisest approach.
A timely overview of Milgram's experiment and some useful strategies to keep in mind.
Some background on dismantling of the outdated and useless NSEERS program and other steps helping to avoid setting up a religious persecution database.
Great example of preparedness training and how it builds community.
Good background on undocumented Asian immigrants and their relationships to other undocumented groups.
The commons as one possible component of a new basis to build from.
article The Case for Resistance   100
Some well considered points on appropriate behavior and maximizing a few available opportunities.
"Always remember: The news media are in the eyeball business, not the information business." Article also helps illuminate our roles as consumers.
article How Republics End   100
Framing of the central question of maintaining a republic, and recognizing that.
Good concise summary of many of the things that are not normal about this election.
Making progress on climate change falls to municipalities, as both a challenge and economic opportunity.
What is the difference between “identity politics” and central issues of oppression, inequity, or social change that relate to identities. Is talking about racism identity politics and is calling out racial groups different than talking about racism? Can cultural discourse really be separated from politics or the efforts to access policy influence through politics? Is dismissing “identity politics” just another way to maintain White, male, upperclass privilege? Some central questions here, but you need to look beneath to find them because the interviewee thinks he already knows the answer.
article Useful Idiots Galore   70
Good concise summary of the election manipulation.
Good points on where Trump's vision is fixated, and how that is a national security problem.
The updated numbers. Perpetrators in several incidents mention Trump.
Some concrete actions to counter long ongoing efforts to restrict voting.
Useful summary categorizations, geolocation, and size numbers although "Hate groups aren’t truly declining — they’re just becoming more covert and secretive."
Links sexism (esp “benevolent” sexism) with racism, outting that the basis of both is the maintenance of white male supremacy. "his language and emotional appeals followed a familiar narrative around the fragility and purity of white womanhood that is central to white supremacy.”
The incoming administration really is less educated. In aggregate the comparison of outbound vs inbound personnel is staggering.
Racism is alive and well in North Dakota. Seems to be fairly easy to find examples even with a camera crew.
Some background on the chief executive of Exxon Mobil's foreign policy and disregard for national interests.
The problem with this is that it is blaming Obama. To me, it is not Obama's faith in White America that is the problem. It is that White America couldn't/didn't live up to that faith…
Very good point about the large number of people in need of psychiatric care that will be left untreated if the Affordable Care Act is repealed.
We need to make the connections, not dismissing the intellectualism or the lived experience that is not couched in jargon with citations. "We deserve justice, and in order to win it we need to understand the complexities and nuances of power, of structural inequality, cultural production and hegemony, and every other concept and theory and abstraction that we need to claim our place as prophets of a new world."
article My President Was Black   100
Ta-Nehisi Coates’ brief (but long, for an article) on Obama’s history, position, racialization, and more measured response to racism. And on the Whitelash at the root of the election outcome. “What Obama was able to offer white America is something very few African Americans could—trust. The vast majority of us are, necessarily, too crippled by our defenses to ever consider such a proposition. But Obama, through a mixture of ancestral connections and distance from the poisons of Jim Crow, can credibly and sincerely trust the majority population of this country. That trust is reinforced, not contradicted, by his blackness.”
Reactions to the open letter to James Clapper from the Electoral College (before the additional signers)
An important document as a request, this is also a very good summary of apparent interference known so far.
Logical arguments why it makes sense to postpone the electorate vote for a month and investigate any election interference.
A continuing inspirational presentation of strength, compassion, and sound advice.
Awareness numbers for the term "alt-right". Liberals and educated people are aware of it.
“I think not talking about hate crimes and racism is extremely dangerous because pretending the problem doesn’t exist does not make it go away,”
Followup to one of the most basic and hopeful race conversations to come out of this election time period.
"“If ever the Time should come, when vain & aspiring Men shall possess the highest Seats in Government, our Country will stand in Need of its experiencd Patriots to prevent its Ruin.” - Samuel Adams
A better descriptive list than NY Times with more context on appointees past and positions.
Continuing to treat climate change as a question of belief, and making sure the U.S. is not leading.
More personal depth on the rebranding process, hiding the swastikas and looking mainstream.
"To gas light is to psychologically manipulate a person to the point where they question their own sanity, and that’s precisely what Trump is doing to this country.”
A rundown of the major Trump actions for the week. Even summarizing, it's quite a lot to take in.
Details on the process and mechanisms of silencing the press and going after journalists. Much of the current structure is just traditional.
Concise summary of the state of the presidency and weak-willed Republican majority leadership so far.
“The discomfort you feel when voicing your political beliefs (liberal or conservative) is not the same as being a member of a historically oppressed group.” A thoughtful differentiation of discomfort and oppression.
Solidarity, coalitions, and the need for the voices of black women who are at the intersection of so many social issues.
Some extremely practical and helpful advice based on lessons from history.
article The Tainted Election   80
“...nothing that happened on Election Day or is happening now is normal….It will also be crucial to maintain the heat over actual policies. “ #notmynormal
Priorities and points from one of more senior Democrat leaders.
Requiring photo ID for voting, and making it harder to get one.
Potential loss of sovereignty and culture through tribal-land privatization for gas and oil reserves.
Google got gamed and needs to step up their response to avoid continuing to be an active part of the problem.
Clear statement from a Republican presidential elector who does not believe the Electoral College can ignore determining if the candidate is qualified, not engaged in demagogy, and independent from foreign influence.
Some potent summary analysis and the need for real abolitionist politics.
The Department of Labor's fiduciary rule protecting American's retirement money takes effect in April. Betterment (an investment startup) is asking Trump to not dismantle it.
"If calling out racism is largely counterproductive, using a systemic definition like white supremacy is also unacceptable, and stigmatizing or shaming those who espouse racist beliefs is self-defeating, what tools remain?”
Some background on the march and key organizers Tamika Mallory, Carmen Perez and Linda Sarsour.
The meaning of "resilience" has moved past hollow and into an excuse for bad policy.
"They were wielding anti-political-correctness as a weapon, using it to forge a new political landscape and a frightening future. The opponents of political correctness always said they were crusaders against authoritarianism. In fact, anti-PC has paved the way for the populist authoritarianism now spreading everywhere.”
Trump cabinet has more campaign donors in prominent positions than any president in recent history. Conflicts of interest abound.
Details on DeVos lack of educational background, strong lobbying, dismal results, and lack of accountability.
Combination of strong government and strong corporations to run the world.
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