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music Chameleon   100
One of the best all time funk tracks. Archetypal.
beer   100
Consistently the best. First choice.
music Shiny Golden Snakes   84
music Getaway   100
music In Walked Bud   66
music God   66
music Nothing   66
music Not The Doctor   49
music Shadowman   83
music Pubic Enemy   32
music Lagrima   58
music All That She Wants   66
music The Happy Song   60
music Kings And Queens   41
music Can I Kick It_   66
Kind of cool sampling walk on the wild side.
music Sundance   41
music Say Anything   32
music The Halcyon   58
music Night Dreamer   66
music Claudia's Car   66
music New Moon   58
music Inkey$   66
music Primitive   58
music Little Bird   66
music Get You Out   66
music Put Me On Top   58
music Mr. Muhammad   49
music _B_ on the Break   66
music Pannonica   58
music The Originator   66
Applicable for anything where word of mouth is important. Which is everything.
movie The Bucket List   75
The seemier side of the food industry. Well worth the read but be aware that you will probably want to stick to your more trusted restaurants for a bit afterwards.
book Anti Patterns   84
If you ever want to do a full assessment of your software organization, this can be an invaluable guide.
Required reading for FOSS development. A bit dated, but the core human issues haven't changed much and everything is still worth considering even if you solve something using a different technology and/or process.
book The Magus   75
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