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movie Throne of Blood   80
'Kurosawa's interpretation of Macbeth is visually fascinating. Swirling mist, colossal trees dripping with rain, rich black volcanic soil and bulky fortress architecture provide the imposing, dread-laden backdrop against which the humans move in superbly stylized patterns'
movie White House Down   70
A well-written storyline makes this a fun ride of a movie. Lots of explosions; some predictable plot twists, but some surprises too. Jamie Foxx plays a low-key role as president until he needs to bust out, Maggie Gyllenhaal carries the secondary plotline of white house staff struggling with rescue efforts, and Channing Tatum's steely blues never disappoint!
Freakin' hilarious dialogue! A 3 min. trailer for the movie coming out Feb. 2013. More info at 'thelegomovie.com'.
movie The Great Gatsby   60
A fun rendition by director Baz Luhrmann (director of 'Romeo + Juliet' and 'Moulin Rouge' - tho not a frantic as those two music-video-ish films). I'm not familiar with the book, so don't know if it kept an 'authentic' plotline. The visuals are impressive. 1920s Manhattan is the star - the parties dazzle, the industrial part of town is gritty, and there's a fun theme of a bi-plane that ties together scenes with from a soaring perspective.
movie Pacific Rim (2013)   60
I heard rave reviews about this movie, expecting a combo of of Jurassic Park and Transformers. What I found was way too much Plot Development and Character Dialog. Great effects though! (Fun Fact: Charlie Hunnam played the blonde PYT in the original Brit version of 'Queer as Folk'!)
other   80
'It's just what it sounds like.' A goat who wants to sell you some meth. A giraffe who might be violating his restraining order. An alpaca with a very dirty secret... and more! From the creative mind of Justin Valmassoi.
activity   80
Working on this event for a client. Great way to get introduced to lots of local restaurants and chefs, taste some new local wine. Rub elbows with other foodies. Coming Sept. 19-22, 2013.
activity   70
The Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University is the oldest public arboretum in North America and one of the world's leading centers for the study of plants. Check out the lilacs in May!
This video shows how a public health advertisement reveals a secret message to the audience. Using a lenticular top layer (like a blinky cartoon prize in a Cracker Jack box), it shows two different images depending on the height of the viewer. A tall person sees the child's face and a statement concerning abuse, but when a child looks at the ad, they see bruises on the boy's face and a different message: "if somebody hurts you, phone us and we’ll help you"!
Expatriate American Harry Morgan helps to transport a Free French Resistance leader and his beautiful wife to Martinique while romancing a sexy lounge singer.
yum   60
Great brunch selection, and they play records. ..Like vinyl. On a record player.
movie Intouchables   90
Ever have a friend that told you, 'This is the one film you should see this year'? I am that friend; listen. Funny, heart-warming, unusual, and unexpected (en français). Very 'Diving Bell and Butterfly' but not as saccharine.
'Dowdy Kitchen Man'!
music The Mountain   100
Interesting how they're experimenting with camera movement during the time lapse. I hadn't noticed that before.
other   0
instant hipster cred for low expense. Feather printed in the weave. Purchased at Marshalls in Back Back, Fall, 2012, $9.85
book 600 Black Spots   0
Lots of spots in a colorful, creative, pop-up format.
yum   0
Very wet, refreshing.
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