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Electric buses are taking over. Good riddance!
The intercalated motif DNA structure has now been confirmed in nature, which means it's probably functional. Time to go meta on the double helix.
Light overview of the case for climate change attribution. A long shot but increasingly possible.
Unfortunately the question of whether you are an addict is frequently not an answered well by addicts.
Spleens appear to be underrated, especially w/r/t dive response.
Hope for our plastic problem. And as with all great discoveries it was by accident. Also mutants from Japan but that's more movies...
Identifying the apoE4 risk factor gene and being able to neutralize it is a monumental breakthrough. The article is short on details but noteworthy.
E-citizenship is apparently a thing. And an interesting one at that.
Chem AI able to plan steps for molecular synthesis from single reactions data alone.
Amputee prosthetic kinesthetic sense through muscle vibration feedback. This is a huge step.
Quick overview summary of recent antibiotic resistance research findings with some small hope.
Rebuilding from macular degeneration with stem cells.
Your brain doesn't make new neurons. Yes it does! No, it doesn't.
Metal-organic frameworks can be used to mimic filters, desalinating seawater or extracting metals from it.
If you are going to build an electronic brain, something like this memtransistor would be the basic building block.
U.S. citizens owe a debt of gratitude to Dutch intelligence, Russian interference in our elections could have been a lot worse.
Good survey of the current state of scientific thought on origins of life on earth.
Using machine learning to recognize microexpressions. Applications include interrogation and security checkpoints. What to make of this indeed.
Good info on dead zone processes including a helpful illustrative map.
Twitter needs to step up their game and provide some real solutions. Tools like Imposter Buster have a place.
Google continues to favor propaganda over reliable information.
Another plus for batteries on the grid: instant failover recovery.
Nuclear drones. What could possibly go wrong? Thorium is an interesting angle though.
Intercepting messenger molecule to prevent creation of a corrupted protein.
Attentional context shifts have small gaps of unconsciousness with them.
At a minimum, independent testing of forensic technology must not be financially prohibitive. Worth being aware of..
Some good analysis on how the general population was overwhelmed by bots in the net neutrality comments.
Bipedal robots are not easy. This is a pretty amazing achievement.
Social media is a tool for repression, No alternatives given,
Way to go Detroit! Building out your own networks when others won't.
Light article but important framing points related to geoengineering to deal with climate change.
Hey, does that rat seem unusually smart to you? Depends which human I suppose.
How to crash a navy warship - multiple levels of failure. System design matters.
Good layperson explanation of how that new area was found inside the Giza pyramid.
As an added bonus, baking soda is also more environmentally friendly.
article ADINT   70
If you use apps with location targeted ads, pretty much anyone can track your movements by serving location targeted ads to you from different places.
The sidenote on pulsars provided an explanation I had forgotten I was waiting for. Nice when that happens.
A promising newly refined approach to battling acute myeloid leukemia.
Fully past theoretical and looking towards energy market dominance. Impressive.
Establishing a base on the moon is the first step towards expanding off the planet.
Some very smart detection finally finds a whole lot of matter in the universe that wasn't being found before.
Impressive new HIV prevention breakthrough combining super antibodies.
We're going to need something like this to tackle our plastic problem, but early days yet.
Good introduction to RSS for those who have never heard of it or why use it.
A brilliantly straightforward attack vector and the bottom line is security is not a design priority.
Hard to imagine writing down a bunch of trig tables and not using the info, but time will tell.
Detail article illustrating data concentration process from federal intelligence agencies and into law enforcement. Network effects, lock-in, codification of prejudice and other issues
Good summary of the current state of gene editing: can cut but not paste
Free floating wind turbines being deployed. Price dropping below nuclear energy.
article Simple Photo Album   90
Make a website out of folders of pics, with comments. Only writes index files, leaves everything else alone.
Less expensive than I thought, especially discrediting journalists.
Get ready for facial recognition v2.0 from neurological research.
Some of what those of us in coding should be conveying to those not in coding about coding. I would add that "fun" is required in the sense that you can't achieve the required focus on discipline alone. You need to get something out of it personally. Also that building neural nets is not the same. Otherwise correct.
Psyops + Facebook API + Consumer data = "managed" democracy.
Structural color printing. Looking forward to seeing it
HIV-1 replication can be completely shut down and the virus eliminated from infected cells in animals using CRISPR/Cas9
Predicting magnetism, and developing magnets without rare earth elements is breakthrough stuff.
Some much needed hope on the war on plastic waste. Caterpillars to the rescue.
Pulling water from the atmosphere using metal organic frameworks aka MOFs (porous crystals that form continuous 3D networks).
4 bit jet printable mristor. Tiny, but flexible.
Significant step forward in therapeutic relief for severe allergic reactions.
Electric ferries are getting going in Norway, with interest from other countries.
Using robots to control dangerous invasive species in quantity.
Another long standing assumption falls to new observation techniques.
A story of brain plasticity and the inadequately explored avenue of sound for vision.
Getting rid of aging cells without as many side effects. Early days.
Some interesting survival mechanisms with potential applications to dry transport of vaccines. Long way out, but interesting.
Sounds like silly DNA tricks, but the information densities and simple replication looks like it might have crossed over into transformative technology.
A small change in our approach to plastic could have a huge beneficial effect on the environment.
This ought to help with some of vast energy consumption for air conditioning. Smart engineering.
Who codes matters. How we code matters. Why we code matters.
Great visualization of world population changes since the 1960s. Older presentation, but still one of the best.
Not the oldest, but pretty extreme. Interesting genetics.
Computers guessing whose face it is and digitally enhancing images. What could possibly go wrong?
Fantastic development, looking forward to the implications falling out of this.
This could lead to a whole lot less suffering. Hope it goes through to general availability.
Vastly reduced methane emissions, and seaweed feed is also more effective since producing methane takes energy.
Robotic surgery is starting to cross the line into science fiction movie land. Now they need to get it into production.
Remarkable effects. Wonder if this might help explain some human behavior eventually.
This factory is seriously doing it right. Eat your own dog food.
Brilliant application of existing toy technology to medical analysis.
Not sure if it will have a major effect or not, but fantastic that a lawyer finally did this.
Not a fan of fossil fuels, but this is some potentially very helpful tech.
One example of how internet infrastructure should be built out.
Apparently a virus can rewire humans to create and store fat more.
Not clinically ready yet, but good progress on fast and easy disease testing.
V1.0 solar road installation. Viva La France!
Smart workaround, and admirable approach to supporting secure communications within repressive regimes.
Significant step moving aging into the realm of a treatable condition.
Extracting tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs), multiplying them in the lab and then reinjecting them to kill off the cancer. Not magic, but a strong therapy. Illuminating case.
This is the kind of packaging that will help get us past our current mess.
Yet another amazing graphene application. But relatively easy to make..
Non-aviating dinosaur tail extremely well preserved in amber. With feathers! Amazing details in this find.
A drug that inhibits the activities of the mTOR cellular process regulator protein also inhibits the cells' activities. Just the discovery point.
Very smart thinking for recycling graphite blocks used for reaction moderation in nuclear power plants.
Research into why artificial sweeteners don't help with weight loss. Specific study shows aspartame blocks intestinal alkaline phosphatase (IAP) which can prevent obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndrome.
If you have any interest in Feynman diagrams this is some interesting developments relating to scaling up.
Breakthrough antibody discovery with a different binding mechanism making it highly effective across a wide range of varieties.
While the energy density is modest, the lack of toxic materials and recharge capability is intriguing.
Anything that converts human or animal waste into something useful is welcome technology. Hope the pilot works, even if non-polluting cruise ships are not yet on the horizon.