• Is this for me?   [text]
    • Do you have a web site? Does your site provide resource links to articles, books or videos? Are the links regularly updated and easy for visitors to search?
    • Are you part of a reading or research group? Do you share links to helpful articles, books, or videos?
    • Do you regularly find articles, books, or videos that could be helpful or interesting to other people? Would it be helpful to have a site to search these links in addition to sharing them on social media?
    A membic theme is a microsite for your noted links. It can be managed individually or as part of a group, in addition to your social media presence.
  • Discovery   [text]
    Find new things in the membic community.

    React to membics by clicking the stacked menu next to the title and

    • "Star" a membic to let the writer know it was helpful, interesting, or important.
    • "Remember" a membic for later reference.
    • Write your own membic for this item.

    Prioritize profiles to tune who you hear from:

    1. Prefer shows you trust this person's membics and want anything they post to be displayed before everything else.
    2. Endorse shows you trust this person's membics but want to keep the standard sort order.
    3. Normal is just the system standard display filtering and sort order.
    4. Background indicates membics from this person should be displayed after membics from everyone else.
    5. Block indicates you never want to see membics from this person ever.

    Filter by type to look for books, videos, or other things.

    When you find something worth remembering, make a membic.

  • What's a Membic?   [text]
    A membic has four parts:
    1. A link, which can either be a URL, or identifying field values (e.g. title and author for a book)
    2. A star rating, which reflects the quality, relevance and importance of the link to you
    3. Any keywords you want associated
    4. The reason why you thought the link was memorable
  • Your Profile   [text]
    Your profile has a picture or icon so people can see which membics are from you. You can use your real name or a pen name. There is an optional description where you can put public information about yourself.

    Your profile has display tabs for:

    • Membics you've made recently
    • Your top membics of all time
    • Membics from others you've remembered
    • Fast search of your membics
    • Profiles you endorse
    • Themes you contribute to
  • Themes   [text]
    Themes are collections of related membics. Multiple people can collaborate on a theme.
    1. Founders control all membership and content
    2. Moderators help maintain appropriate content
    3. Members post membics to the theme
    4. Followers are interested readers

    A theme page has a picture, name, and description like a profile, along with recent, top, and enhanced search display tabs. Themes also

    • Have a permalink for direct access
    • Can be given a unique hashtag
    • Support theme-specific keywords
    • Provide visual traffic analysis
    • Have an RSS newsfeed
    • Can be embedded in another website

    Themes are a powerful and flexible way to provide helpful links from a standalone site or embedded in your own website.

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