How To

To make a membic, click the write button to bring up the interactive dialog. Either paste in a url to read, or select a type and fill out the fields using autocomplete. Writing a membic is simple. Here are some ways to make it easier to write a membic when you find something worth remembering:

  1. Homescreen: On your phone, add membic to your homescreen. When you find something worth remembering, copy the link, open membic, and paste the url into the interactive dialog.
  2. Mail it in: From any browser, click the share button and mail to Membic will look up your profile and make a membic for you to confirm later (details below).
  3. Bookmarklet: On your computer, set up a the "Make Membic" executable bookmark (directions below) to automatically start writing a membic for any page you are on.

Membic is designed to work well on phones and mobile devices. If you run into any issues please let us know on GitHub.

Mailing in membics

When you mail in a membic, the first url in the body of the email message gets used for the link. You can put the reason why it is memorable in the subject, or in the body if you prefer.

If you are the kind of person who likes to specify everything in the email, Membic will do it's best to figure out what you wrote. If you have a line in your email with the name of a theme, that theme will be checked. If you have a line in your email with a keyword for a checked theme, then that keyword will be selected. If you have a line with 1-5 asterisks, Membic will use that to set the rating stars.

If you want to specify keywords to use, regardless of whether they are defined for a theme or not, include a line in your email like:
keywords: interesting, great functionality, useful

Setting up the bookmarklet

The "Make Membic" bookmarklet is a tiny bit of script that opens membic in a new browser window and passes along the url of the site you are on. Here's how to add it to the browser on your computer:

The next time you are reading something memorable, choose "Make Membic" from your bookmarks to make a membic for it.

Integration projects

Membic welcomes and appreciates other projects that want to integrate using the API. Contact us on GitHub.

If you would like to build playlists from keywords, and update your top music membics automatically from iTunes®, check out the situational playlist generator project on github.