How To

Augmented Memory

Amassing a trove of helpful links can make you feel like your positive memory has doubled, but it only works if you remember to create a membic when you discover something noteworthy. Here's how to remember to remember:

  1. When you find something memorable, don't lose it. Put it on your "to do" list. Email it to yourself. Save it to your reading. Put it on your calendar. Put it on your shopping list. Do whatever you usually do to keep track of something small that you want to deal with.
  2. Make a membic. Paste the URL and click the "Read" button, or choose a type and use the autocomplete to help fill out the details.


Most of the time you're probably reading on your phone, so you just copy the link location, open membic and paste the URL. You can add Membic to your home screen to make that easier. Here's some other fun extras to check out if they match how you internet: