How To

A Theme holds membics related to an ongoing interest or purpose. Here's how to make a theme:

  1. Click to access your profile.
  2. Select (your themes tab).
  3. Open the Create cooperative theme link and press the Create New Theme button.
  4. Fill out the name and description. If there's a hashtag you would like to use, fill that in, otherwise you can fill it in later if you want. Click the Create Theme button.
  5. After your theme is created, click settings to upload a logo or image to help identify your theme visually.

The next time you write a membic, you'll see your theme listed with a checkbox next to it. Check the checkbox to post your membic to your theme.

Sharing, Collaboration, Keywords and Other Features

Click your theme name to show popular social media share buttons, the direct access link for your theme, and the invite button. The invite button allows you to invite people to follow your theme, or pre-approve them as contributing members. If you're not quite ready for that yet, you can skip this section.

Themes provide easy access to membics as a newsfeed, as an up-to-date "top 20" list, or via keyword/text search. Themes were built for collaboration, reflecting the knowledge and experience of multiple people. Here's how you can be involved with a theme:

  1. You can Follow a theme to show you are interested in what gets posted. Followers can't post, but they can read settings information like the RSS newsfeed, Embed Theme code, stats, and informational updates.
  2. A Member can post to the theme.
  3. A Moderator is Member with the additional power to remove innapropriate posts from other Members, view membership, and accept new membership applications.
  4. A Founder has full access to everything.

You can apply to move up a level, or resign to move down a level. Applications are reviewed, and Founders retain the power to revoke membership rights of non-Founders. Cooperative themes are designed to handle collaborative posting from 5 to 50 members.

Custom Keywords

Themes support custom keywords to help categorize membics. The keywords turn into search radio buttons that provide quick and intuitive filtering on the search tab. If you are not sure what keywords you want, wait until you have 10-15 membics to get an idea of what might work well. You can add or edit keywords at any time.

To manage keywords, open the theme settings then click the "Theme Keywords" link. There is no limit on the number of keywords, but keeping it to less than 8 or so can make it easier work with. Keywords help to educate visitors about the kinds of membics available in the theme. Broader concepts are good. Each membic can have multiple keywords associated with it.