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yum sarmarestaurant   90
Eastern Mediterranean small plates, superb quality of ingredients, layered and unique flavors. Want to continue trying different things, but will probably have to order the squash blossom spanikopita and the mushroom manti again next time.
yum Tar & Roses   100
Amazing restaurant by Santa Monica beach. Interesting and complex charcuterie boards and main dishes. One of my five best EVER.
SO good, so innovative. One of my top five EVER.
yum Home   90
Yum. Loved the lunch menu (so many things I wanted to eat). Weekend brunch was less exciting to me, more the usual stuff. Super tamales.
yum Welcome   100
Quail, sultan's delight, vegetarian tasting menu are all amazing.
Table next to us was two chefs talking food. All great. Would definitely go back. A small appetizer and a large appetizer was perfect for dinner.
yum L'Asino d'Oro   100
Wild boar with chocolate sauce (not sweet). So good...and great regional wine.
Especially the tasting of 5 appetizers, which was also really beautiful.
yum Arroz - Arroz   100
Excellent small plates to share. Everything was delicious, and the lamb ribs were amazing. Interesting cocktails and mocktails (pomegranate and horchata mocktail especially).
yum Comedor   80
Interesting small plates.
yum Ashmont Grill   70
Good Sunday brunch(including blood orange juice). Good dinner options. Not boring. Boston
yum Ashmont Grill   80
Really good Sunday brunch option.
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