How To

A resource links page connects your site to the rest of the world. Here's how to include membics from a theme into a page on your site:

  1. Click to access your profile.
  2. Select (your themes tab).
  3. Click the theme you want to embed in your site.
  4. Open the theme settings and click Embed Theme.
  5. Copy the Embed iframe code and paste it into your web page.
  6. Replace YOURSITE.COM with your site domain.

Don't have a theme for tracking resource links? Create A Theme

If your site hosting does not allow you to include an iframe into your site, you can always display the direct link to your membic theme page, or include your theme content through a newsfeed plugin.

Refer to your website software documentation for how to include newsfeed content as part of your site. Usually this is a module or widget, and may be associated with decorative content. For example a default Wordpress site allows newsfeeds in a sidebar. To add, select Customize | Widgets | Sidebar | Add a Widget | RSS, then paste the Newsfeed URL for your theme.